What exactly is a drone or quadcopter?


Hello friends this is my first article about What Exactly Is A Drone?.I’m not gonna introduce me in here, you can know about me from reading about me section.

What  Is A Drone?

A drone, in a technical words, is an unmanned aircraft.

Because of that The drones are more formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or unmanned aircraft systems (UASes).

In my words drone is a light weight aircraft that controlled from remote by human.

In past, drones where mostly used for military purposes such as spying on enemy bases from air.
btw now drones used in a wide range of civilian tasks.

Lets dig little bit deeper, drones is a word you see pretty often in today/s pop culture.

But drones seems to be an extremely divers kind so what exactly is a drone ?

A term witch is more descriptive and does most people are referencing when they say the “D” word is “Unmanned areal vehicle”.

Essentially if it flies in controlled way and there isn’t any body on board is a drone.

Wether this controlled entirely buy computers in artificial intelligence or o the other end of the spectrum entirely controlled buy remote human makes little difference.

But most often when you see a vehicle describe as a drone today it is a little bit of both, controlled buy a humans but capable of some degree of navigational on it’s own if necessary.

In the future of course this is likely to change just as driver less cars race on the horizon.


The History Of Drones

The earliest unmanned aerial vehicle in the history of drones was seen in 1839,Austrian

s attacked Venice city using explosive filled unmanned balloons.

After the invention of winged aircraft changed everything of unmanned vehicles.

A year later, an American alternative created ” Hewitt-Sperry ” Automatic Airplane.what-exactly-is-a-drone-3

After  impressive test before representatives of the US Army, a more advanced mass-producible version was commissioned: the Kettering Bug.

drone history

The Bug was a marvel of 1918 technology, but it was developed too late to be used in the war and was never deployed in combat.

From exploding balloons to the Parcel delivering unmanned multicopter , the history of drones is a fascinating topic.


Here are some tasks now a days these drones do-

  • Search and rescue
  • Areal mapping
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Weather monitoring
  • Firefighting
  • Photography and videography
  • Racing
  • Agriculture
  • Delivery services

Alright guys i think now you have some knowledge about Drones and It’s abilities.

Before learn building part you have to learn few more things.

As I mentioned earlier, multicopter is a kind of a drone and it is often use fixed-pitch propellers.

Radio controlled multicopters are increasingly popular for aerial photography, and land surveying.

More recently Drone Racing is a hot topics, where multicopters are used in racing and free-style competition.

There are many types of multirotor drones.As the name of it, Those drones  where categorized by the number of arms+motors it has.

or an example a four-motored drone is a called a quadcopter.

Types of multicoptors.



  •  Bicopter Has two motors.
  •  All motors moved by servos to desired tilt angles.
  •  No need a ruder(tail motor as helicopter).
  •  Bicopter has more lifting power given than the helicopter because it has two motors.
  •  Not very popular configuration for hobbyists because it’s difficult to pilot from RC.


tricopter drone

  •  Tricopter Has 3 motors as the name “Tri”.
  •  Typically in a “Y” shape and “T” shape.
  •  Single arm with motor in backside act as rudder,can  tilt  left and right by a servo to turn the aircraft.


drone quadcopter


  •  Most popular drone type in world.
  • Quadcopter Has 4 motors as the name “quad”
  •  Has simplest mechanical structure
  •  Widely used for racing, photography and arial filming.
  •  Quadcopter has two main configurations:( X , + , H )

The X configuration is more popular, because quadcopter can fix a camera front side of frame.

The H configuration is good is not popular but to a H type frame, can fit a camera perfectly.



  • *The hexacopter has 6 motors
  •  Very similar to the quadcopters
  •  Has more lifting capacity
  •  If one motor fails, can stay stable enough for a safe landing
  •  Little bit more expensive to build.
  •  Has two configurations: (X , Y).



  • Octocopters has 8 motors
  • Similar to quadcopter and hexacopter
  •  Has more lifting capacity and redundancy.
  •  Very popular as aerial photography and lift heavy gears.

The number of motors and configuration changes flight’s performance and one and one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

By the way more motors increase its lift capacity because it has more rotors.

Also a hexacopter can lift a SLR camera but in a quadcopter it may be little bit difficult.

The main disadvantage is decrease in power efficiency, and increase in the cost of purchasing additional hardware and maintenance.

In future I’ll write an articles each topics.


Most of multirotor drones I mentioned above can easily build by your self.

If you have more great drone facts be sure to let our readers know in the comments, and please drop us a line if this article has been helpful to you in some way!

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