Best brushless motors for a drone or quadcopter

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Best Brushless motors for drones: This is the topic I’m gonna talk today because those are the ones we use to build most of the drones also these are more power-efficient than brushed motors I’ll talk about it later.

Today I chose E-max mt2213 brushless motor, I brought this around 15-20$ from also this pack comes with two CW/CCW propellers.



This is an outrunner motor it means it rotates with its housing also there’s brushless in runner motors. As you can see there are three input cables because brushless motor works with AC, not from DC.

To generate this AC we use ESC’s(Electronic speed controller). To know more about ESC’s you can check my article about ESC.
This is the pop nob, this one uses to attach propeller into the motor.

These are the female and male banana bullet connectors, these are used to connect motor with ESC.

You can see there are a few numbers in the motor housing. This motor has 2213-935KV I said this “Kv” name a few times. I’ll talk about it today. Also, there is a suitable propeller size and battery type if you use this to build a multi-copter.This pack includes “1045” props.


How to read brushless motor data?


How brushless motors work?

motor inside

Simply there are few fixed magnets in the motor inner body and electromagnet in the center of the motor when electromagnet kicks, the outer body is rotated due to the change of electromagnetic fields between the center of the magnet.

You can get learn more about brushless motors from Brushless motors-Wikipedia

How to choose the best brushless motors for Drone or quadcopter?

There are several things to consider when choosing a propeller and a motor.


 KV value

This KV value means that the motor is rotating when a voltage of 1V is given to the motor.

flight time

     RPM = KV x Volt

That is, when the same voltage is given, the KV is higher in motor speeds, and the KV is less revolving at low speeds.

Eg: –

12V when supplied in a voltage,

930kv -> 11.160 rpm
2200kv -> 26,400 rpm

A low KV is like a normal, Jeep. The speed is low, but with more power.
A higher KV is like a Car. It’s too fast. Power is low.

If a large Propeller is used for the quadcopter, the KV value should be selected as a lower engine.

Thrust weight


This means how much weigh the load. This value depends on both Propeller and Propeller. In the Data Sheet of any best brushless motors, the propeller models and Thrust Weight of the motor are given.

The weight lifted on the motor = Total weight of drone include motors x 2 / Number of Motors

If you hope to use additional types of equipment like camera, FPV system, Extra battery also includes that.

Using this equation, we can calculate the lifting weight of the care we need. Using this equation hope you can get a rough idea about what motor capacity to use for a drone.



There are various propellers available in the market. This requires us to select the right Propeller. The size of the quadcopter depends on the size and type of motor.

For more details look at my article on How to choose the best propellers for your drone post.

I chose a propeller type of 10×4.5. 10 is one end of the propeller and the other end. (In inches) 4.5 means its pitch.

Read the datasheet of motor and choose a better size for your drone

A pair of 1045 Propellers – 1 CW and 1 CCW

Propellers can be bought in 2 types depending on the direction of rotation.

Clockwise propeller (CW)

Counterclockwise propeller (CCW)

Make sure to attach the correct side of CW/CCW as shown on your flight controller.


The first thing to do before choosing the best brushless motors measure the drone weight include all parts(you can find motor weight from online) and enter it to that equation I mentioned earlier. Read twice a motor datasheet, you can get a better idea.

Please leave a comment about your ideas.

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