Drone Propeller Balancing – DIY Prop Balancing Step by Step Guide

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Unbalanced Drone propellers, which is affecting to vibration in an aircraft or drone.

So if you need more stable and smoother flying experience propeller balancing is an essential task to do.

There are several methods and various kinds of tools to balance the propellers but today I brought you really simple and effective method.

Here is the tutorial of – DIY Drone Propeller Balancing using tapes, step buy step guide.

Drone Propeller Balancing Steps

Step 1

Take 2 water cups and metal bar for Prop Balancing & Place the two cups on a level surface.

two cups for place propeller

Step 2

Take metal shaft and attach propeller spacer ring to it.

metal shaft with prop spacer

Step 3

Attach the unbalanced propeller into the metal shaft.

Step 4

Place the propeller attached bar between the two cups and
Note the unbalanced side of the propeller

Drone Propeller Balancing

Step 5

Use tape to increase volume for the other side blade.

Drone Propeller Balancing

Step 6

Check the balance again.

Drone Propeller Balancing

Step 7

If it Looks good, you are good to go.

Recommend you to do this for all the blades.

  • Note this method not recommend as permanent solution.

I hope learn about drone propeller balancing easy method.

Thanks for read this post and if you have any questions please comment below.

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