How To Build Your Own Drone Kit?

How to build your own drone kit?

There are already many drone kit available using which you can easily build a drone. However, it is too easy to create a drone using the readymade kit. Also, you only get the limited selection choice when you go for the readymade kit. The best alternative here is to create your own drone kit and then build a drone using it.  So, here we will see the full guide on how to build your own drone kit.

How to build your own drone kit

First of all, before you proceed on building anything, you should first make sure that you have a list of everything that is needed for a perfect kit. You can simply create lit of components that are in the kit and make a list of the same.

f450 FRAME

Here are some of the primary and important components that you will require to build your own kit.

  • Motors
  • Flight controller
  • Electronic speed control
  • Propellers
  • A mounting pad
  • Gimbal
  • A micro SD card
  • The drone frame
  • Camera (totally optional)
  • Batteries
  • Connectors
  • An RC receiver

Once you have all the components, you can simply proceed on our main topic, how to build your own drone kit. You will have to purchase all of these components individually and later on you can assemble it to create your drone. There are several things that you should keep in mind while you are choosing the components.

Choosing Voltage components

The first thing that you should take into consideration is choosing the primary components. Here, is the list of the components and what things you should take into consideration while choosing it.

Motor: When you are choosing a motor for your drone kit, there were two things that you should check, one is the motor size and the other thing is the KV.

Mostly, the motors used in the drone are 2206 which has stator 22 mm wide and hight is around 6 mm. If you want more speed, you should go with a brushless motor.

ESC Electronic Speed Control: You can purchase ESC separately and is mostly used as 4 in 1 PCB. If you are planning on creating an FPV drone, you can go with the ESC of 30A nominal and 35A peak.

FC Flight controller: Please note that the FC will differ according to got the microcontroller. You will have to take into consideration the Gyro chip and choose the FC accordingly. The F1 FC works with the microcontroller whose processing speed in 24 MHZ. In the same way, F3, F4, and F7 work with 72 Mhz, 84 MHz, and 216 MHz respectively. So, make sure you take this into consideration while buying the FC.

How to build your own drone kit-flight-controller

PDD Power distribution board: You will need this in order to distribute the voltage in all the components. The ESC will receive the voltage of 16.8 V which is dangerous, PDB will control it to 5V making it safe for the ESC. You can go with the LOW ESR capacitor if you want less sound. Moreover, there are several models that have OSD (On screen display), you can go with them if it is in your budget.

How to build your own drone kit-power-distribution

Other important components

Transmitter: If you have seen any online guide before, you would have seen that it will ask you to go with the mode 2 transmitter.

Here, the main difference is that mode 1 will place throttle and roll directly on the right stick and yaw will be on the left.

Where as, in mode 2, the roll and yaw are on the left and pitch and roll are on the right side. Most of the people use mode 2 for easy flights.

How to build your own drone kit?

Receiver: You should choose the receiver according to the transmitter you choose. You can go with the FrSky which is SBUS serial protocol or you can go with the Spektrum that is DSM/SDMX DSM2 protocol.

Propeller: Propeller comes with a different number of blades on it. You should keep in mind that lower Kv motor can easily spin heavier and larger propeller and the higher Kv motor can’t do the same.

How to build your own drone kit-prop

Batteries:  You can choose the batteries as per your requirements depending on the number of minutes you want to operate the drone.

How to build your own drone kit-lopo

Camera and other Pops: You can choose the camera and other components as per your selection. Make sure you keep in mind the requirements.

How to build your own drone kit-gimbal

Building your own drone kit Vs readymade kit

Many people have this question after reading the guide on how to build your own drone kit. There is a big difference when you choose one from these. Making your own drone kit will not only help you to know more about the mechanism but it also gives you more choice of features as compared to the readymade kit.

Not to mention, building your own kit will save you a lot of money. Individual component usually doesn’t cost much. Instead, if you buy the kit, you will spend more money there. Moreover, you won’t get any of the useless features that you don’t want. You can simply remove the features that you don’t want and add only the features that you think are the best and the features that you want in your drone.

Final words

Moreover, there are several things that you should keep in mind while you are building your own drone. The first thing is you should make sure you didn’t miss any part of this article of how to build your own drone kit.

Moreover, if you are beginner, you should take help from the videos or other tutorials. When you buy the components, you must see their product description.

There you will find the details of the supported devices. In this way, you won’t get any of the useless components. Make sure you go for quality even if it is a bit costlier compared to the normal one.

Your drone should be durable along with the nicer looking. Therefore, see the quality and the durability of the components that you are purchasing individually.

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