Best ESC for a drone or quadcopter


Simple way to choose the best  esc to your drone is, choose the motor and battery before ESC.

ESC meaning is Electronic speed Controller and simply I can say this is the device that control your drone’s motor speed.

Check motor thrust data tables and find out how much current that your motor gets when its max thrust.

Be sure your amp rate is 30% greater the that number.Also choose the best esc that support your lipo batteries cell count.

More facts about Electronic Speed Controllers(ESC) –


How to choose a Best ESC brand?

Now a days there are lot of drone esc manufactures in world.Also there is very famous one’s among hobbyists.

I’m not gonna recommend a bang hereabout my advice is, don’t spend so much money when buying an esc’s , If you doing this as hobby.

There are hundreds of cheap unbranded esc’s online, buy one of those with a extra one to two.

What is ESC cell capacity

emax 30a

As above picture all esc’s printed their min to max cell range , be sure to sick with it.If you accidentally connect higher cell lipo into lower cell rand ESC,it will be fried.

How to Choose Best amp (A) capacity?

This is the most important part when choosing the best ESC for your drone. Because If this goes wrong it will be a disaster.

As thumb rule when you use to a drone, use the ESC that this number more than 30%of your motor’s max amp input range for safety.

note-Do you know some racing drone builders using ESC’s amp range 400% grater than their motor max input current due to high current flow?

Some main electronic components inside the ESC


A-Main Micro processor

This is like the brain of the esc.This chip taking commands from Flight controller and giving it to voltage control chips in back side.

B-DC Power input

These two cables should connect to your battery.This is the power input of the ESC.

C-Servo connector pin


This connector should be connected to flight controllers Motor signal pins.

If you want, you can use other 5v with ground pin to power up your receiver or something.

D-Voltage regulators

As I mentioned earlier these small chips taking command from central processing chip and regulate motor speed.

E-Motor power output

These are the motor output cables.You can easily connect these cables to your brushless motor.You can change motor rotating direction easily by changing these pins.


ESC’s are of course electronic speed controller an this device controls your brushless motor speed .

I hope that you got have now better knowledge about choosing good for your drone from this article.

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