Best flight controller for drone : How to choose it

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What is a flight controller?

Simply the electronic chips in it doing, sens orientation changes , receieveing data from the pilot , calculate data and use those data to fly the drone.

In this post I’ll cover up all the facts you need to know before choose a best flight controller for your drone or multicoptor.

There few main steps you should follow when choosing the best flight controller for your drone and they are –

What is your purpose and budget?


Before choosing FC you must have figure out what exactly you are trying to accomplish.

Build your very first quadcopter/multirotor.

Drone racing.

Make a drone for  aerial photography and videography drone.

Build a autonomously flying rescue drone.

Of course, depending on your purpose, the price will change. An entry level flight controller like the KK2.X for a first drone or a cc3d (which is very popular on racing drones), would be way cheaper than a flight controller capable of autonomous flying or super stable videography drone.

Performance and Capabilities.

drone performance

Every flight controllers not equal in performance and capabilities. Some flight controllers are better than others at capabilities and balancing. The APM 2.X model’s handling capabilities for example, is far inferior to the DJI NAZA M.By the way APM preform well in autonomous flying.

When we talking about capabilities and performances,FC sensors doing such a big part.Let’s discuss about some sensors and features that you must check when coosing the best flight controller for your drone, depending on your needs:

  • GPS :how-to-choose-a-best-flight-controller-for-a-drone?-gps :Useful for hold the current position or stable the flight and autonomous flying.
  • Micro-controller bit size (ex:8bit) : Flight performs well when increase this bit value.
  • Gyroscope and accelerometers how-to-choose-a-best-flight-controller-for-a-drone?-gyroscope: Use to stable the flight, lot of flight controllers have this.
  • Barometer : Holding altitudes (A requirement for most cinematography based multicopters)
  • Supporting the kind of craft you want to build: (quadcopter, hexacopter, tricopter, octacopter)
  • Magnetometer and Lights : Useful for detecting direction (head holding)

When you choosing the best flight controller check the items above,needs your requirements.


Best beginner or entry level flight controllers



The KK2 board is so much popular with beginners. The main reason to popular that much is, because It is cheap , easy to setup and the support for almost all flight configurations (including tricopter, quadcopter, hexacopter, octocopter, wing etc).The on-board screen makes it much easier to tune configure the drone.

Advantages of KK2.x Disadvantages of KK2.x

Cheap Slow system
Supports almost all flight configurations poor handling
On board LCD Screen No gps
Easy to setup No barometer meter
Good for basic quadcopter



The cc3d board is similar to the kk2 with features and performance.Board almost comes with 32bit microcontroller because it can be use for racing drone.

Advantages of CC3D Disadvantages of CC3D

Cheap Difficult to tune
Supports almost all flight configurations poor handling
Can use gps No LCD Screen
Easy to setup No barometer
Advanced micro controller
Have protective case

Best Racing flight controllers

Naze 32


This board is comparable to the CC3D, since it is very similar. If you are into drone racing, this is the best flight controller you can get.

Advantages of Naze32 Disadvantages of Naze32

Cheap No protective case
Supports almost all flight configurations No LCD Screen
Can use gps
Have barometer and magnetometer
Easy to setup

Best flight controllers for Autonomous flight, Videography and Rescue missions.

ArduPilot APM


The ArduPilot APM is a great entry level flight controller that has ton of features.Very famous with autonomous drones.

Advantages of APM                                                                                        Disadvantages of APM

Has autonomous features                                                                                       8 bit microcontroller
Has protective case                                                                                                   Flight performance was poor than Naza M
Supports almost all flight configurations                                                            Bit difficult when tuning
Can use gps
Has barometer and magnetometer
Easy to setup

3DR Pixhawk


The 3DR Pixhawk is probably one of the best flight controllers for autonomous flight and the amount of features and also this is much more powerful than APM.

Advantages of 3DR Pixhawk                                                         Disadvantages of 3DR Pixhawk

32 bit microcontroller                                                                               Pricey
Lot of autonomous features                                                                     Only supports non-S.BUS receiver like Futaba
Backup system                                                                                            Flight performance was poor than Naza
Built well
Easy to setup

Best flight controller for cinematography and super stable objectives

DJI Naza M

naza m and m lite

DJI Naza M series have two flight controllers, they are Naza M Lite and M V2.

This flight controller is very popular because of DJI company use this FC for their flagship drone named “Phantom”.

Naza M has an incredible GPS capability. Much more easier to setup but the downside is the naza isn’t open source as Pixhawk, M-V2 type FC has much more addones than M-lite.If you want to build a craft capable of cinematography With super stable, the Naza is the way to go.

Definitely the best flight controller for Arial photography or videography.

Advantages of Naza M                                                                                              Disadvantages of Naza M

32 bit microcontroller                                                                                                          Pricey
Lot of tutorials to learn online
Super stable
Supports all kinds of sensors and has telemetry capabilities
Excellent support
Excellent software, easy to setup


First thing you should do is determine your purpose before choosing a flight controller for your drone, because there are various types of Flight controllers on the market and each one of them has some unique features.

That’s all folks! I hope this article on how to choose the best flight controller helps you in selecting the better flight controller for your build. If you have any questions please comment below and I’ll be sure to answer and love you for it!

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