How To Make Rc Drones ? : Build Your Drone At Home

How To Build A Drone : Make Your Drone At Home

Rc Drones are now a days is very popular among peoples. I think the main reason is those RTF (ready-to-fly) small commercial drones such as DJI Phantom/Mavic.

Actually who doesn’t like FPV (first person view) right? like a bird.

drone racing
FPV Racing

As a reader of RC DIY DRONES you may already know what really a drone is? and what it’s capable of. So this is the reason those RTF drones on the market are very popular now a days.

Now you are going to learn how to make rc drone in home by yourself.

Today, people who wondering to make drone from scratch, there are so many DIY drone kits on the market and online shopping sites like ebay.

And assemble it simply buy watching a youtube video like pice of cake.

By the way I’m not going to tell you how to make rc drone from step buy step without using any of those kits.

Parts you’d need to build a rc drone

Drone kit

Before start our project, you need to know witch parts are needed to build your drone or multicopter.

Here are the basic parts you’ll need in order to build a drone.

Rc Drone Frames

make drone

When we talking about frames there are lots of frame design types. Before you selecting the frame,

you should’ve better understanding about your purpose. For a example If you want to carry more payload,

better be going with a hexa or octa frame size. If you can’t understand I suggest checking out my article about (best drone frames).

Also there are two possible ways when it comes to frame for you’re drone. actually You can make it yourself or buy it in an online store.

There are huge collection of frame types in online shopping sites and If you f you decide to build it yourself, the project is not that difficult,

but you’ll need some knowledge and also I saw there is some articles in the internet about how to made drone frames at home.


How To Build A Drone : Make Your Drone At Home

Motors are the main mechanical component in our drone and you’ll need motors for every one of those rotors.

My opinion is buy

an extra motor as spare. Now a days most drone makers using brushless motors for there models. There are so many reasons for that such as

light weight and power efficiency.

These motors you can buy from store. You can also get more knowledge about them by reading our article about drone motors.

Electronic speed controllers (ESC)

How To Build A Drone : Make Your Drone At Home

These are also essential electronic components of your drone. Their main role is delivering power to the motors by getting

commands from flight controller. The amount of esc are depend by your drone or multicoptor rotor count. If you want more details about esc’s check my previous article How to chose correct esc’s for drone


How To Build A Drone : Make Your Drone At Home

When looking for the propellers, most important part is its size and material. 

You must find the ones that match your motor and frame type of your drone.

Also material is important and there are lot of cheap propellers on the market,

 so you must make sure the ones you choose are a good fit. For more details check my article How to choose propellers to drone.

Li-po Battery

How To Build A Drone : Make Your Drone At Home

Maybe you already know we are using lithium polymer (Li-poly) batteries as the main power source of our drone.

When purchasing the batteries for your drone, you need to consider the capacity of a battery and its type. Capacity depend on weight of battery,

weight is playing big role of our drone project. So you need to very careful when selecting battery.

To have a much better insight on this topic, we strongly suggest checking out our article about drone batteries.

Flight controller

How To Make Drone : Make Your Drone At Home

Every flying drone must have a control system. FC’s main role is taking instructions from user(pilot) via remote controller and giving orders to ESC’s to,

fly the drone as you wish.

I’m not going to deeply describe here about flight controller. I suggest you to read my article how to select flight controller.

Remorte controller and receiver

How To Make Drone : Make Your Drone At Home

The remote controller and receiver system is needed to control a drone. In drone industry people use radio frequency to transmit data.

One of the reason is we can use it longer range rather than Wi-Fi signal or something. There are lot of TX/RX systems on the market.

I suggest you to buy a one with more than 5 channels to get better support. In future I’ll tell you about those channels.


How To Make Drone : Make Your Drone At Home

Connectors will help you to connect electronic components together easily without soldering.

You will need – 3.5 mm connectors to weld the motors and ESCs

                – T plug or XT-60 Connectors to connect battery and power distribution board.

Note : These are optional but with these your project will get  more perfect and easy.

Battery monitor

How To Make Drone : Make Your Drone At Home

This is also optional item, but battery monitor is quite useful in warning you when the batteries power level is critical.

Shock absorbing pad

How To Make Drone : Make Your Drone At Home

It reduces the vibrations, and thus improves the flight. So with this item your drone will be more stable, because vibrations affect really badly for your flight.

Aside from the above-mentioned parts you will also need –

                                                AWG silicone wires

                                                Li-po battery balanced charger

                                                Servo lead wire cables

                                                zip ties

The parts I mentioned above is very important to every drone must contain in order to work and fly.

Let’s Do This Step-By-Step

 As a follower of you are maybe already know there different types of drones,

 but among most of the people quad copters are very popular and also easy to fly.

 That’s the main reason I’m going to tell you about, how to build a quad copter by yourself step-by-step.

Before I start, I’m consuming that you already purchased those components, I mentioned above.

First of all I have to say, The parts I using here may not be same to you, but what I’m doing here

is quit similar to all of home made drones.


The frame model I use here is DJI F450 quad copter frame, You’ll see this is plastic frame and this is lite weight.


This package has 4 arms / 2 base plates / 2 sizes of Allen screws. You have to connect them together, It’s easy.

Watch the image of F450 frame, get those two plates and arms as the image.

Then connect them by using those screws.


The ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers), the motors, and the propellers are the most important components

of a flying drone. So, you should be careful when choosing these items. My opinion is before buy these parts check out our “Build” article section

to getter super understanding.

When looking for the motors and propellers, I assume that you already  chosen the right motor propeller combination for your project.

I use here Emax x2212 935kv motor with 9045 carbon-fiber propeller, the reason I choose this one is,

Brushless motor

this kv rate and required voltage capacity is good enough for hover my quad copter well and carbon fiber is light weight and strong.

ESCs(Electronic speed controllers) that I use here are Emax 30A escs. The reason is, this esc can use for 3s-4s lipo battery and when at the full throttle,

my motor needs about 15A current. So for safe side I recommend here you to when before buying an esc,

read your motor max input current and select the esc two times larger than that number.

For the record there are also 4 in 1 esc on the market.

That’s easy to fix but if there any fault on circuit, the whole esc maybe does not function. By the way the choice is yours.

OK, Lets get in to work.

Grab the one by one motor and bullet connectors, using soldering iron and sold those three wires to male bullet connectors.

Again do the same to the ESCs, sold those three esc wires into female bullet connectors.

Note : Some Motors and ESC manufactures making their motors and esc that already have solders connectors. So you don’t need to do it.


Motor and frame assembly

As I mentioned above, I chosen EMAX X2212 935KV brushless motors. This package includes screws for motors,

Just you need to do is, grab those motors plus screws and fit those into four rotors(if it is a quadcopter).


For our home made drone project, I’m using here KK2.X Flight controller.

The main reason I chosen this is, It’s very cheap and no need a computer or external programmer to setting up. Because It has an inbuilt

LCD display and buttons to setup.

First thing to do is, place the “FC” center of your drone and level it horizontally for get better stability and performance. To avoid vibration, you can use a

vibration damping plate as the image below.


Wiring the flight controller

Ok, now you can see there are  servo wire connecting pins on your “FC” (see the image below)

FC pinout

Wire these together as the image below and for get better understanding watch this video.

Configuring the flight controller:

Now you have to configure the flight controller for your drone model.

This is little bit difficult to write, so watch this video A to Z carefully and do the work as it is.


Transmitter and receiver is essential equipment for remotely controlled drone. There are lot of brands and manufacturers every ware.

Also you can buy TX and RX separately, but I recommend you to use a same brand TX/RX system for easy setup.

Today I’m using here fly-sky TH9X TX/RX because It’s worth for money and durable.


Setting up the receiver:

Place your RX near the flight controller and connect jumper wires as the image below.

Don’t forget to place Rx antenna facing downward of your rc drone. I recommend you to tie it to your rc drone’s landing gear.

In this post I covered all of the major steps to make rc drone from scratch step by step. I’m putting here some videos to get more knowledge.


In this article, I managed to briefly cover the pieces the steps to make in order to make rc drone or quadcopter in home, but if you want to learn more, there are also many “intermediate steps” in addition to the basic steps we just described.

Please check out our build category to get more knowledge about RC Drones.

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