Top RC drones with Camera in 2019

Top RC drones with Camera in 2019

The popularity of drones is growing day by day. Nowadays, even the drones come with cameras that are affordable for normal people.

At first, the camera drones were highly expensive and only the rich people or someone who is in research could afford it.

However, in today’s times, you will get many choices in regular racing drones. As the choice increases, it has become difficult to choose from.

Therefore, to make your work easier, we have gathered and handpicked some of the best and the top RC drones with camera. We have kept all the requirements in mind and have created this list. 

#1 DJI Mavic 2 Zoom


DJU Mavic 2 Zoom is the top RC drones with camera. The drone comes with 8 MP camera and also the range is 8 KM that is roughly 5 miles.

Moreover, talking about the speed the drone can fly with a maximum speed of 72 KM per hour and has an amazing battery life of almost half an hour.

The drone model is pretty old but still, the features make it one of the top RC drones with camera. 

The camera quality is not 4k, however, you can pretty much record anything in very good quality. The drone is especially famous for the zooming quality as the name says.

It has 128 GB micro SD storage and also has a CMOS sensor. The biggest disadvantage here is about the pricing. The cost is too high as you are spending roughly 1200 bucks for this. 

On the other hand, you can get an alternative with almost similar features at an affordable price tag.

#2 DJI Mavic Air


If you want a little affordable version or if you are looking for top RC drones with camera which has a 4K resolution, this is the perfect choice for you.

The drone is by the same company as we discussed above. You will get 12 MP camera and it supports 4K at 60 fps which is pretty cool.

It most probably can capture anything. The maximum range of the drone is 10 KM with the battery life of 20 minutes.

 Moreover, one of the best features that are included in this RC drone is the object avoidance feature. In other words, if there is an object such as a tree or a house in between, it can easily detect that and you can avoid the collision.

It is perfect for people who love to fly the drone to different places due to its portability. However, you might have to spend a little more money on buying a case for the drone.

One of the best thing about Mavic air is that it was launched recently and you will get all the features that you want in a drone. It is the best choice you can go with.

#3 Parrot Anafi

Parrot Anafi

For the people looking for portable as well as foldable top RC drones with camera, you can surely take a look at Parrot Anafi. There is a 21 MP camera for a better view which also supports 4K HDR video with 30 FPS.

However, the battery life is quite low as the battery is only of 2700 mAh. The drone works around 20 to 25 minutes once you charge it fully.

The range is also quite low as the total range it can cover is 4 KM with a maximum speed of 55 Km per hour.

Moreover, it has 180-degree vertical gimbal and amazing zooming features. It is easier to carry wherever you want. Moreover, if you want more features, you can purchase it using the in-app purchases.

#4 DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2.0


DJI Phantom is one of the oldest top drones with camera. There is a various version where you will get different features.

It is one of the few drones which includes a large image sensor and also there is subject tracking enabled.

The drone has a classic beautiful design that looks amazing.

Talking about the battery life, you will get roughly 25 minutes of battery. Moreover, you get 20 MP camera which can record 4K videos with 60 FPS.

Talking about the maximum range, you can go up to 7 KM with it with a maximum speed of 72 KM per hour. The only disadvantage that you get here is weight. It weighs more than 1300 gram.

#5 DJI Spark


In the list of the top drones with camera, this is the only model where you will get the gesture controls and quick shot mode. You can control it directly with your hand gesture.

If you are planning of capturing images where you will need the quick shots, you can take a look at this product. The camera is 12 MP and you can’t record videos with 4K resolution. However, it supports 1080p resolution which is quite good.

Talking about the disadvantage, here you will only get the battery life of 15 minutes. There are two variants, one is with controller and without a controller.

The range of the drone is very less for both the variants. You can fly it up to 100m without a controller and with the controller, you can go maximum 2 KM. Despite many disadvantages, it is still people’s choice if they want a portable drone.

Final words on top drones with camera

To conclude, these are some of the top drones with camera that you can purchase in the current year. You should not directly choose the one.

Instead, you can go according to your requirements. In other words, you should decide if you want a drone with a larger range, you want a drone which can record video in 4k or you simply want a drone that comes in your budget regardless of the features.

Once you know the requirements, you can take a look at the list again and choose which drone is best for you. It is recommended that you also check the product description to make sure it has all the other features that you need along with the one that is mentioned.

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