RC Drone Simulators : Fly Your Drone At Home

When we fly a drone in first time it could be stressful task, So thats the time RC Drone simulators comes to action. These FPV (First person View) simulators have become more handy with the popularity of RC Drone hobby.

What Is a RC Drone Simulator ?

RC Drone simulator is a computer or mobile phone application, that use for fly a drone virtually by using computer or mobile. Its main task is helping you to learn how to fly a RC Drone with various conditions. So these simulator technology really helpful for beginner to more experienced drone pilots.

In this article we’ll gonna discuss almost everything you need to know  about RC Drone simulators and Best RC Drone simulators available on the market.

Hardware Requirements for Drone simulator

hardware components

All you need is computer system with good graphics and processor.  These software mostly requires good GPU with higher frame rate is ideal.

Controllers Using in Drone Simulators

RC Drone Simulators

Basically you can use you keyboard as controller to get flying experience. But you really needs to practice like a real drone, we highly recommend you to use the same controller you fly with your real RC Drone.

You can connect your Remote controller in to Drone Flight Simulator by using its cable port. Also you can use FPV goggle to get more real world experience.

How to Use RC Drone Simulators to Practice ?

Most people including pro level drone pilots not get enough real world practice, most of them are using these kind of simulators to practice.

When we talking about  Drone racing, there are so many Drone Race tracks on the drone simulator, you can choose any track you want and practice. Or if you just wan’t to practice how to fly a drone then, try to practice controllers first.

Top 10 RC Drone Simulators 

1. Phoenix R/C Pro Flight Simulator

RC Drone Simulators - phoenix 4

Phoenix R/C is my personal choice in flight simulators, also most drone pilots recommend this software. 

With the popularity and quality also its little bit expensive but it’s worth to buy because it can also use for simulate air planes too.

2. Velocidrone

RC Drone Simulators - velocidrone

Most Professional level RC Drone racers are using Velocidrone as their virtual drone simulator. This software is so much user friendly and it includes many drone racing tracks.

3. RealFlight RF8 Drone Simulator

RC Drone Simulators - RF8

When we talking about Best drone simulators, RF8 is one of the best, because it’s powerful and has many detailed options. Many professional drone or quadcopter pilots also this is easy to setup.

4. FPV Air 2

RC Drone Simulators FPV AIR 2

The FPV Air 2 simulator is another good option, because its cheap and it can run on minimum computer hardwares. This is great deal for beginners those who need learn to fly a drone.

5. SimPro Drone Flight Simulator

drone sim pro

As the name, DroneSimPro is mainly developed for professional pilots, because this software has map or environment customizable feature. So you people can practice on more innovative customized environments.

6. The Drone Racing League (DRL) Simulator

DRL Simulator

DRL Simulator is very popular among drone racers, cuz they organize racing competitions  through the Drone simulator app and win prices. Also includes awesome drone tracks.

7. Liftoff by Immersion RC

RC Drone Simulators - lift off flight simulator

LIFTOFF ” is mostly suitable for practice FPV RC Drone racing, The Immersion RC company makes other hardwares such as FPV Goggles that compatible with the simulator.

8. Heli X UAV Flight Simulator

This is another great simulator to learn to fly a drone or quadcopter. The Heli  X simulator also supports Mac, Linux and Windows  operating systems.

9. FPV Freerider & FPV Freerider Recharged

FPV Freerider

As the SimPro simulator The FPV Freerider has fully customizable option and this is lot more cheaper than Simpro. But downside is like the other RC Drone simulators, FPV Freerider doesn’t have pre made drone tracks, so you have to make your own.

10. Real Drone Simulator

Real drone simulator

Real Drone simulator is another best flight simulator with great graphic quality, it gives perfect virtual reality experience too. There’s an online multiplayer mode in simulator and you can race with various drone players around the world.

Final Words

Flying a RC Drone or Aircraft in the first time is, quite stressful task, with that problem RC Drone simulators are getting popular among drone pilots. There are many simulator softwares on the market in deferent kind and prices.I hope this article has beed helpful for you to know about Drone simulators and how to use them. Thanks for reading. peace.

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