Best Drone Companies : Top 7 Drone Manufactures

Best Drone Companies

We know, most of you  came here to know about best drone manufacturing companies around the globe. Btw its impossible to track each and every drone company in such a fast moving industry. We’ve done our best to highlight the biggest and best drone companies in the world.

We’ll put down below, some of the best drone companies that produce quadcopters, hexacopters , octocopters and racing drones . It would be an stressful task to make a list of all of the manufacturers out there, even more so if we listed each and every drone, so we’re going to focus on a best drones now a days.

1. DJI 

Best Drone Companies -dji

DJI is the king of the drone industry with no doubts. Phantom drone series was their first most popular product. But after they released The Mavic series DJI has become popular around the globe revolutionary. Also DJI is the choice of most industries such as film making.

dji mavic

Here are some of their popular Drones – 

  1. DJI Mavic Air

2. DJI Mavic 2 Pro

3. DJI Spark

4. DJI Phantom 4

5. DJI Inspire 2

2. Parrot

Best Drone Companies - parrot

Without any arguments this company is the main competitor to the leading DJI company, because Parrot makes some of the best drones on the market. After releasing their ANAFI camera drone it became popular among many peoples. Main reason for that is, Parrot products are more cheaper than others.


Here are some popular Parrot Drones – 

  1. ANAFI

3. Hubsan

Best Drone Companies - hubsan

When we talking about cheap and good drones without any doubt Hubsan drones are very popular. Their Hubsan X4 quadcopter series is excellent for a beginner or first time starter.

hubsan x4

Here are the some Hubsan Drones  –

  1. Hubsan X4 H109
  3. X4 Jet (Racing)

4. Syma 

Best Drone Companies - syma

The Syma drone company is also similar to Hubsan because both of them are produce  some entry level  good and cheap drones to the market. This is china based company mostly developing RC toy based devices. Their Syma X5C was the most popular drone all time.

syma x5c

5. Autel Robotics 

Best Drone Companies - autel robotics

Autel Robotics does a huge mission to inspire creative technology to the world. Their “EVO” quadcopter is one of the best creative and advanced drone with superb camera system. Also they produce their products to the market on affordable prices.

autel - evo

6. Yuneec 

Best Drone Companies - yuneec

Yuneec company has a good position in this Drone industry. They producing good toy range Drones to the market. Also they got some best drones with perfect softwares.So these solid RC Drones are perfect for beginners or first time starters.

tuneec- mantis

Some best Yuneec drones – 

  1. Mantis Q
  2. Typhoon H
  3. Typhoon H Plus
  4. H520

7. GoPro

Best Drone Companies - gopro

Go Pro lauded their first drone named “Karma” in 2016. But it failed and they stopped the production In 2018. Btw we can’t forget this company because still now most main drone manufactures made their equipments to match GoPro Camara.

gopro karma


Drones or UAV  (unmanned aerial vehicles) are very popular now a days such as automobiles. So there are lot of best drone companies in the world. DJI is the king of the drone manufacturing industry buy there are many growing companies around the world. We listed above the best drone manufacturing companies depending on quality and popularity. Thanks for reading this article. Peace.

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