Amazon Delivery Drones : Everything You Need To Know

Amazon Delivery Drones
Amazon Delivery Drone Pic by amazon

With the advancing of Drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technologies, people or companies try to use the drones for various tasks such as Amazon delivery drones. 

At this point the concept of delivering or distributing packages using the drones got popular.

So most of  RTF Drone manufactures tried to make advanced drones that can do such kind of tasks.

The world largest Online shopping Site The “Amazon”, was tried to implement these drone delivery technology to their package delivery process.

In this article we’ll going to talk about everything you need about “Amazon Delivery Drones” ok, lets go.

Amazon Delivery Drones

Amazon launched their first concept of package delivery service using drone few years ago. But with some technical difficulties and failures that process not raised.

Amazon Delivery Drones - Mars

But in 2019 at Amazon’s inaugural re:Mars conference in Las Vegas, CEO of Amazon‘s worldwide consumer division, Jeff Wilke,  reveled the details latest Amazon Prime Air drone delivery service.

What Exactly is Amazon Delivery Drone Service ?

“It’s The service that delivering packages to customers though the air using Multi rotor Drones or Aircrafts within short amount of time.”


Amazon Delivery Drones - Design

When we talking about package delivery drones, carrying capacity is one of the main expectation to consider. 

They developed a hexacopter design drone that can easily transform in to two modes of flights.

They are – helicopter mode to takeoff and airplane mode to landing.

Actually as this concept more safer than using normal Quadcopter Drone model.

As amazon said, This drone can carry about 2.2kg (5Lbs) packages. Also they mentions 75 – 90 % of their selling products are around this weight.

These drones comes with orange, blue and white body colors.


When flying the drone uses many sensors and advanced algorithms including GPS technology to maintain corse.

The sensors that I mentioned above includes – Obstacle avoiding , Thermal sensors , and Ultrasonic Sensors.

To detect moving, unmoving and hard to see objects Dogs , Telephone towers and Cloth lines, these drones using computer aided machine-learning algorithms.

With using high capacity LI-Po battery drone can fly about 15miles max with carrying 2.2kg package.

Last but not least, This is the  best part, When drone close to delivery destination,  the drone scan the whole area using sensors and AI algorithms to detect people and obstacles.  

Then customer needs to confirm to land the drone and release the package.


Safety is our top priority right?, So Amazon taken the responsibility because their customers will possibly feel great getting ramble conveyances on the off chance that they realize the this innovation is unbelievably protected.

As they say, These Amazon delivery drones are controlled with six independent aspects of motion, that means these drones can be stable when even at very bad weather conditions.

So they saying you don’t need to worry about until your parcel delivered to you.

When Will Amazon Delivery Drones Launch?

Amazon is currently waiting for the regulatory support such as FAA to deploy their mission.

Still can’t tell a exact date but in near future you’ll see the package delivering drones in the air.


Drones are getting more and more popular in many ways, Package delivering service using drone is a big step of UAV technology.

Amazon delivery drones will be the first service one day using this technology. Thanks for reading this article.If you have any thoughts please comment below. Peace.

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