Uber Drone Taxi : New Era Of Transport

Uber Drone Taxi - Bell-Nexus

People or companies are now use drones to do many tasks, such as photography, inspecting, agriculture and delivery packages. As the market expands , drone technology is getting more advanced. 

With these advancement of drone technology most leading transportation companies trying to implement this technology to human transportation services.

So, with this concept as a reader of our RC Drones blog, you may understand, making more bigger drones or multicopters is better than shrinking helicopter or planes.

In this article we are going to talk about Uber Drone Taxi service, because Uber and some Aircraft manufacturers are going to break this barrier.

What is Uber Air Taxi Service ? 

Uber is developing the future if aerial taxi service. Before end 2023, Uber  planing to give people to Air Taxi service. To give this awesome opportunity,  Uber is working with federal and lawmakers to give you more affordable, safe and environment friendly Drone or Air  Taxi service.

Also they are in partnership with few world’s most innovative aircraft manufacturers.

What Drones are Use Uber?

When we talking about the technology in drone transportation,  VTOL (Vertical Take-Off And Landing) is the based concept of these Air Taxis.

The “Bell” VTOL Drone manufacturing company developing the best VTOL Drone ever named “ Nexus ” and Uber going to use it for their Air taxi service.

This aircraft use six fans for make thrust with four passenger carrying capacity including pilot.They are using high capacity lithium batteries to improve life and reduce cost, also can fly up to 60 miles with 150 MPH max speed on a single battery charge.

uber drone taxi - specs

Also still developing more advanced flight control system including autonomous technology.

The company named “Garmin” is already developing AVMS (Autonomous Vehicle Management System) for this Bell Nexus, Air Taxi Drone.

Where Can We Find These Drone Taxi ? 

Uber Skyports

Uber is planing to build a network called “Skyports” for their Drone Taxi operations like, handling takeoffs and landings.

Using famous architects and engineers , they are trying to build Skyports that can handle about 1,000 landings per hour.

Uber Drone Taxi Cost

As Uber says their taxi service fees may not be cheaper at launch.How every Initially UberAir (Taxi service) will cost around $5 per passenger mile.

But later on Uber says cost will down to around $1 per passenger mile. With these features we can say its going to be an absolutely awesome service.

Regulations For Air / Drone Taxi service

drone regulations

Many Regulations vary on countries you live. The FAA ( Federal Aviation Administration) allows small UAVs and Drone for do tasks. But for a passenger carried and automated aircraft it’s gonna be little bit stressful deal. So It may takes time.

When its launching ?

Uber is working closely with policy makers everyday to get this concept to the reality. They announced, Melbourne, Dallas and Los Angeles will be the first cities to offer Uber Drone Taxi service. The  main goal of Uber is, beginning demonstrator flights in Next Year (2020) and Commercial Drone Taxi Operations in 2023.

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