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As the RC Drones or Quadcopters  the RC Planes are popular among RC Vehicle enthusiasts. 

RC Plane or Aircraft can simply define as a unmanned aerial vehicle that is controlled remotely by human.

Basic this plane flying by getting signals from transmitter on ground and using those signals, the aircraft servo motors and propulsion system working together to fly.

These RC Planes are well growing field with various kinds of uses and as a hobby. So there are so many RC Plane models on the market.

In this article, we are going to learn almost everything about RC Planes, so lets get in to it.


RC PLANES - history

In the 19th century, Hydrogen balloon engaged aircrafts, used to fly around. 

But during world war II, U.S. Military forces used these radio controlled air planes as sticks drones. Also that was revolutionary event in this industry.


RC PLANES - uses

As we talked about history of planes, the RC Planes were mainly used for military purposes. Main reason to use these aircrafts for military purposes is, these planes are controlling remotely and easily can spy on enemy grounds. Also now a days most countries developing high end military drones.

Rather than military RC Planes can use for many tasks, one of other use is as a funny hobby. Most people an kids love to play with these devices and also can get a good flying experience.


You may have seen there are so many different designs an sizes of RC Planes on the market.

These different types or models can divide in to some main catagorys, lets dig this more.

1. Gliders

RC PLANES - gliders

Gliders can easily define as Planes that doesn’t have an engine or any kind of propulsion system.

As the paper rockets, these planes are using wind to fly trough.

To hover this aero plane, need an extra force from out source, then it can hover after getting enough air speed. Gliders are very light weight and easy to control so, mostly use to training RC Plane Pilots.

2.RC  Jets

RC PLANES - jets

RC Jets are very interesting thing to fly main reason is its speed and sound. But these are little bit expensive because it use micro turbine , ducted fan or high speed motor as the propulsion system. Most of this RC Jets are made by carbon fiber and fiberglass materials. When using micro turbines, need jet fuel as the power source but with a high speed brushless motor, can use a Li-Po battery. Also These jests can fly about more than 100kmph. 

3. RC 3D planes

These type of RC Planes are big and heavy because it needs more power , surface and pilot skills to flying. But when flying these king of aircraft need more attention about its propulsion because if something goes wrong, these planes can’t land by just using wind speed.

4. Park flyers and micro planes

RC PLANES - mini rc planes

As the name of this planes, these are small and light weight aircrafts than can fly on large public parks.

Mainly powered by electric motor. Some people are called these as micro planes. Also can fly in a small area easily.

6. Toy RC Planes

RC PLANES -mini planes

As I mentioned beginning of this article one of the most common use of RC Plane is, Just for fun. Because of this RC Plane manufactures making small scale, electronic RC Aircrafts to sell.


There are many ways to get a RC Plane, and there are two main ways to have a RC Plane or Aircraft.

You can build a RC Plane Your self or You can buy RTF (Ready to Fly)  or ATF (Almost Ready to Fly) RC Plane.

Building a RC Plane is really interesting project and I’ll make a detailed article about how to build RC Plane from scratch.

The other two methods are the most common ways to have a RC Plane. 

They are like this – 

Ready to fly

rtf rc planes

RC Plans are on the market as pre-assembles and only require few components to attach to fly.

These are called as Ready to fly (RTF) and to handle this kind of product no need expert knowledge about aerodynamics or electronics.

Almost ready to fly

These are little bit difficult to assemble because ATF RC Planes require some good knowledge about assembling because these are comes up in all parts unassembled stage. So you have to put some time and effort to assemble and tune it and fly. These process typically takes hours to get done.


When making aerial vehicles there are several common materials. In the past, for make RC Plane frames and other parts mostly used light weight woods.The main reason ware to use wood materials are, low cost, easy to design  and perform well on vibrations.

But now a days mostly use to build RC Planes or Aircrafts, carbon fiber and fiber glass materials.

Carbon fiber is bit expensive but it is has so many advantages such as quality, light weight and strength.


Power is the most important thing when it comes to RC Vehicles because these are wireless devices.

RC Plane are powered buy two main power sources, and  they are – 

1. Electric powered

electronic powerd

Electrically powered RC Planes are suitable  for newbies because they are cheap, easy to fly around and maintain.

2. Gas Powered

gas powerd

Gas powered RC Planes are suitable for intermediate to advanced level hobbyists because, when working with fuel power engines, requires a good attention and knowledge. Also gas powered RC Aircrafts are little bit expensive to maintain.


Mainly, when controlling a RC Aircraft, there four main controllers and they are – 

RC PLANES - controllers
  • Ailerons – controls roll.
  • Elevator (or horizontal stabilizer)– controls pitch (up and down).
  • Throttle or, if electric, controls motor speed.
  • Rudder (or vertical stabilizer) – controls yaw (left and right).

When it comes to little bit advanced level, this controllers are also coms to work,

  • Gear/retracts – If your RC Plane has retractable landing gears, this controllers also include.
  • Flaps – These are the components that comes with 3D Plane models or large scale RC Aero-planes. Flaps are use to control lift and increase the drag. Also flaps are need when landing the Aircraft. But to control these flaps, need some good pilot skills.

I recommend you to watch this video to learn basics of how to fly a RC Plane .


Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of RC Planes or Aircrafts.

Advantages :

  • No any age limit to work with these.
  • Really joyful for anyone who interested with RC Vehicles.
  • Can build a RC Plane cheaply at home, but requires some technical knowledge.
  • Can use for attract other peoples.

Disadvantages :

  • Because of the flying machine, can cause damages.
  • Little bit expensive hobby.
  • Have some law issues when flying on public places.

In conclusion, RC planes are a awesome and funny things when it comes to our lives. But these planes are not easy to fly like RC Quadcopters, but when you skilled this , its not that hard. As a Drone enthusiast, I hope you got a good understand about what really is a RC Plane. Thanks for reading and if you have any suggestions and questions please comment below. peace.

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