Prices Of Drones : Major Things To Consider Before Buying

Prices Of Drones : Major Things To Consider Before Buying

Now a days on the market many different types of RC Drones and each one of these comes up with different prices. If you just want to get some flying experience, then better thing is just buy a simple and affordable RC Drone.

The prices of drones is vary on mainly because their features such as camera system. If the camera system is quality, the price will be go up. But if you are a drone enthusiast like me and have some knowledge about electronic stuff, then building a RC Drone your self might be save extra bugs in your pocket.

Features And Components That Affect To Prices Of Drones.

Prices Of Drones - features

Before we talk about prices of RTF Drones, We should know, how these prices are made from and what things really affects on these prices.

1. Brand Of The Drone.

Now a days theres a huge competition among drone manufactures. Because of this competition, every manufacturers trying to make a good quality drones with an affordable prices.

Also theres a so many drone manufacturing companies and some of them are very popular.Here are some of the major drone manufacturers – 

1. DJI

2. Parrot

3. Syma

4. Hubsan

5. Eachine

2. Features Of The Drone

Prices Of Drones - camera system

The brands that I mentioned above are trying to include various functions and options to drones, because of the competition.

Also now a days a camera system is a one of the key feature of any kind of drone. Btw It’s not only the camera, but also there are many features of a drone they are –

1. Camera System (Including Gimbal)

2. Flight Time (Battery Capacity)

3. Transmitter (Remote Controller Type)

4. Flight Controller Capability (Extra sensors like obstacle avoiding)

5. Durability (Replaceable Parts)

6.  Drone Accessories And  Prices

When we looking for buy a drone, the other main thing is, we should find out availability of after market accessories. Because there are some drone manufactures on the industry, they making good drones but if needed some part of a drone such as extra propeller or something, then its not available on the market.

Ready  To Fly Drone Prices On The Market

Prices Of Drones - RTF Drones

As every other products on the market, drones are comes up with different price ranges and categories, so choosing a right drones that fits for your budget is quite stressful.

I’ll put right down below, about few main drone categories and their price ranges.

Mini Or Toy Drones

This is the most common RC drone category because of its cheapness. Most people buying these drones for get their first drone experience or just for funny toy. These drones prices are ranges $20 to $200.

1. Eachine E010 Mini Ufo

This is a greatest toy drone ever built, cuz it’s really cheap. Eachine mini is quilt small drone but it’s easy to fly.This drone is cost around $25.

2. Syma X5C

The X5C is a basic quadcopter. The inbuilt gyro module keep it steady on its 9mins of flight time. But with this price you wouldn’t aspect this one, because this drone has HD camera. This drone is cost around $35.

3. DJI Tello

DJI Tello has very good build quality and it also has two cameras, one of them are for keeping the drone stable in the air and other one is for FPV. This drone is bit expensive and cost around $99.

Mid Range Or Semi-Professional Drones.

This drone category is more popular among intermediate level drone pilots and people who like to shoot videos on their vacations or something. These drones prices are ranges $300 to $900.

1. DJI Spark

DJI Spark is mini sized camera drone, comes with features and specifications as near to pro grade best drone price. This drone is cost around $399.

2. Parrot Anafi

The Anafi very good for a drone at this price point and it can also compete with DJI’s mavic range.The overall stability of the drone is good. Price is around $550.

3. DJI Mavic Pro

The DJI Mavic Pro  is a portable and very close to professional drone because, it has bunch of high quality features. Cost around $1000.

Professional Or Advanced Drones.

These kind of drones are suitable for people, that most interested enthusiasts or the professionals. This category includes models like:

1. Dji Inspire 2

The Inspire 2 will blow your mind because  it is the smartest, fastest, highest quality, most professional ready-to-fly camera drone you can buy ever. Price around $3000.

2. DJI Spreading Wings S1000+

This octacopter drone will cost you around $1500 (without camera), but this is a truly high end drone. This drone is very durable and can use hardly.


As you can see, Prices of drones are depends on its features and other options. According to what you’re looking for, the cost may be too much or affordable. I hope you’ll get some good knowledge about, how these prices of drones are vary form others. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to checkout our other articles.

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