Make Money Using Drones : Find Extra Bucks For Your Pocket

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Now a days, drone technology is very developed and because of this, there is a many verities of drones on the market. Most people usually use this drones for recored arial videos or just as for fun.

By the way, we can also use drone to make some money. I’know  you are curious to know about how to make some kind of profit using a drone.

If you are creative enough to find out new kinds of many making methods, this thing is absolutely possible.

What Equipment You Need to Make Money with Your Drone

Make Money Using Drones - equipments

One of the main money making method using drones is,  Selling valuable footages that taken from drone. For this thing you may need top quality footages.

Son It’s really essential to have a good camera system that provide high quality and sharp images and footages. Because no-one  will purchase low-quality images that look like crap. 

If you serious about this business, Its really worth invest some money to buy some quality drone and equipments. After you started to gain some profit though this, you can buy more gear and other important equipments that need to your business.

What You Need to Do Before You Start Making Money with Your Drone

I’m guessing now you have some pretty good knowledge about equipments to start, but before you start you have to do some groundworks.

First of all you need, know about rules and regulations against about drones in your country or government.

Next thing is before you going to take orders, you may need to develop good piloting skills and comfortable with other equipments related to your project, such as capturing better footages.

Lastly, take care about other parties, flying drone is high risky activity cuz you have to insurance it before taking outside.

Ways to Make Money with Your Drone

photography and money

There are many ways to make money with drones. I’ll put some methods down below, check it out and try to choose a good way or find a way using your creative mind and expert it.

1.Photography and Videography

This is most common way to earn money using drones. Drone photography and Videography can divide into several ways and they are – 


Taking photographs of valuable building or landmarks and sell them to their owners or promote them outside using social mid or something. Because aerial footages are valuable on these stuff.


Not like old days, most people like to get aerial record there wedding functions. So you can start a business with or without engaged with wedding photographers in your local aria. 

Sports Events

You can offer a price to your sport events in your local area, because it’s so much easy and awesome to capture this kind of event on the air.

News Reporting

News agencies are looking every day to find good footages of news. You can shoot some good stories and promote them.


In hotel industry, their owners are using beautiful images of their hotels and resorts to publish them to promote their businesses. So they are hiring drone photographers to those works.


You can find out event organizers in your local area to get a job from upcoming out door events such as music concerts.

2. Stock Photography

stock photography

This is one of easy and good way to make money using drones, you can make a good profile with some stock photo selling websites and send your awesome images. If they accept your photos, you can make pretty decent amount on downloads.

There are several stock photo selling websites, I’ll put down below some good websites and choose a one thats fits for you.

1. Shiutterstock

2. Adobe Stock

3. Alamy

4. 500px

5. Crestock

3. Mapping

Make Money Using Drones - mapping

If you are a well experienced drone pilot and can get good footages, many industries hiring good drone photographers for their projects.

I’ll put down below some industries that hiring drone photographers to provide aerial mapping footages.


Mining Industry

Construction Industry

Environmental Agencies

Mining Industry

4. Drone Pilot Training

Make Money Using Drones - pilot training

If you masted drone piloting skills, you can start a business like drone pilot teaching school. People will love it.

5. Agriculture

Make Money Using Drones - agri

With a easiness of getting close to anywhere from air drones can use to do many tasks on agriculture field.

Farmers can look after their huge farms using these aerial footages and then they can analyze their corps.

6. Open A Private Company And Offer Services In Aerial Surveying

Today we can get drones that can fly miles away and they can reach may places that we can’t even think, with this opportunity you can give hep to people using your drones.

7. Reselling Drones

Make Money Using Drone reselling

You can buy RTF or unassembled drone from whole sale dealers and if you have good technical knowledge about drones then you can customize (upgrade) them and sell to higher price.

8. Inspect Jobs

With the ability of reaching to the unreachable area to humans, drones can use for tasks like inspect signal towers, signal towers and pumping stations. Main advantage to use drones to do this kind of tasks is, cheapness.

9. Drone Deliveries

With the popularity of drone industry, major delivery companies now a days use drones for their delivery services,  You can offer these kind of organizations that need drone service.

10. Search  And Rescue In Disaster Relife

Drones can use for search and rescues and now a days most parties using drones for this missions. 

You can find out and offer your service to those agents.

How Much Money Can You Make With Your Drone?

Theres’s not an exact price range on this it’s totally up to you because this is new business.

If you giving some complex service such as rescue or signal tower inception using high tech equipments, you can charge a lot more.

How every working in the higher amounts, require good quality service and super experience on relevant field.

The Costs of Starting a Drone Business

Some semi-professional range drone is good enough for just start. Check this articles to know drone prices and features.

1. Best Drone Prices : For Any Budget You Have

2. Best Drones For Filming : The New Era Of Cinematography

If you seriously jump on to the business, you can cover up those costs with in few months.

The startup costs include:

  • RC Drone 
  • Extra equipments like (battery, propellers, carrying cases)


Actually using drones, you can earn pretty decent amount of money. Still this Industry is fresh so I recommend this to any one who love to working with drones.Also for the start yo don’t need lot of money.start small and expert it. Thanks for reading my article.

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