Calculate Flight Time Of A Drone

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As a Drone pilot or RC Drone maker, calculating flight time is an essential thing. It’s actually quite hard to calculate within seconds. Dr.Drone: Rc Drone Flight Time Calculator App isn’t designed to accurately calculate flight time of a drone down to the second, but It’ll definitely help you to get a quickly average of flight time of your drone, depending on data you providing.

Why Dr.Drone : RC Drone Flight Time Calculator ?

Calculate Flight Time Of A Drone

This application is trusted by RC Drone making professionals everywhere and this drone flight time calculator lets you experiment with relevant parameters to find the best combination for your drone. Also just download and see how much accurate it.

Dr.Drone app requires input values for :

1. Battery Capacity (Ah / mAh)

2. Battery Cell Count (Voltage)

3. Total weight Of The Drone

Battery Capacity : 

As in the image battery capacity is largely printed on your battery. If you are a drone builder, you may know drone flight time mainly depends on the Li-Po battery capacity. If you are not familiar with this check out our detailed guide about choosing the best Li-Po battery for a drone.

Another good part of this application is, you don’t need to convert your battery values to enter to the application, because you can enter its capacity on mAh or Ah.

Battery Cell Count (Voltage) :

In some Li-po batteries, you can tell its cell count buy just looking at its physical size. Cell count or voltage (maybe both) are mentioned on side of the Li-po battery ( Ex: 3000mAh 3s 11.1v ). So all you need to do it just enter your battery cell count or voltage into the Dr.Drone Application.

Total weight Of The Drone

This is a little bit difficult part but with a good scale, it’ll not that hard.

All you need to do is measure your drone’s weight including battery, camera, gimbal, etc.. And just enter the value in Kg, Pounds or grams into the application.

This is an oversimplified calculator as it doesn’t consider various values, among them flying styling and climate conditions.

So with some third party issues like heavy winds or pilot’s controlling ability also affects the flight time of a drone.

If you need to know more about the flight time of a drone and how to increase it. Click the link below.

How To Increase Drone Flight Time

Download Dr.Drone : Flight Time Calculator For Calculate Flight Time Of A Drone.

This mobile app can download for any android mobile from google play store. 

Click the link below to download.

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