How To Increase Drone Flight Time

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drone flight time

Drone flight time is one of the most important asset to every drone pilot enthusiasts. Because it’s key to enjoy your flight.

Importance  Of Drone Flight Time

How To Increase Drone Flight Time

For an example, imagine that you are going to take an aerial photograph. Now what is the essential thing that every photographer need? “TIME“ right? So no one can take a good photo without any patience. So flight time is the key to their job role.

Major  Components That Drone flight time Depends On

Before we discuss about Increasing drone flight time, you have to know what are the main parts that depend the drone flight time.

  1. Weight
  2. Battery Capacity
  3. Motor & Propeller Power Efficiency
  4. Pilot’s Flying Ability
  5. Bad Weather & etc…

All right guys, let’s discuss about one by one parts and reasons above I mentioned.

Drone Weight And Battery Capacity

Power is very important to increase the drone flight time but when you choosing right capacity battery, you have to look on your drone type and size because, when you increasing battery capacity also increases weight of your drone.

How To Increase Drone Flight Time

See? You have to be very careful when selecting the drone battery. So my opinion is when you selecting the best li-po battery for your drone, do it as the last part of your drone building process.

First build your frame model choose the proper motor and propeller combination and after that measure your drone weight. ( don’t forget  to include your camera or other gears to it)

How To Increase Drone Flight Time

 After that you can choose the maximum weight battery that fits for your frame size. To get better understanding about this process I recommend you to go and check out my previous article about How to hose best Li-Po battery for drone

Drone Motor And Propeller combination

As a subscriber of  RC DIY DRONES, I guess you may know what is a propeller and motor. I f you doesn’t know much about those , you should better be reading my previous articles about Motors & Propellers.

drone flight time

Power Efficiency Of Drone Motor and Propeller

When talking about Increasing the drone flight time, motor & prop doing such amazing role. If you already red my articles, you may know low kv motors are more power efficient than high kv motors and Bigger props are more efficient than smaller propellers.

But there is another side and that is, lower kv motors needs more voltage than higher kv motors. So you’ll need higher cell battery to power your baby. It means If you going to high cell Li-Po, Your drone will be more weight and more expensive.

Now you may understand, When Increase battery voltage (cell count), Your drone weight going up too. So you should select perfect battery that fits for your drone. To know more about choosing a best motor and propeller click this links.

Pilot Ability

Some guys may surprise if I tell you that you can increase your drone flight time by  improving your drone flying skills.

Best way to test this tip is, give your drone to fly some one in same area and count the time,  then also you fly it exact same area. You’ll see that, when you flying differently your battery draining time changes because of both of your different flying styles.

pilot ability

The thing that happens here is, when increase throttle -motors will spin fast. It means your Li-Po drains too quickly, this happens because of your Remote controller handling skills.

My opinion is to Practice! Practice! Practice! It means try to fly your drone smoothly, I’ll promise you this will increase your flight time definitely.

Is Whether Affect To Drone Flight Time?

Yes!! This is true, bad weather is also affect to drone flight time. The main reason is wind speed, when you fly your drone in heavy wind, It’s too much difficult  to flight controller to stable your drone in that wind. So your motors and propellers hanging their speeds quickly to stable the drone it needs more power.

wind affection

My Best advice is please choose a sunny day to do your task because it will saves you more flight time definitely.


Drone flight time is very important thing to every drone pilot. To increase this you an do some things such as choose right battery, decrees weight of the drone, choose a good motor and propeller combination  and Improve your flying skills.

I think  you may have a good idea about drone flight time and how to increase it. If you have any questions please comment below.

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