Most Expensive Drones In The World : Top 5 List (Updated)

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Today popularity and demand for drone is increasing exponentially due to multipurpose, personal and commercial usage so, without waiting your precious time, lets get know about  5 best and most expensive drones in the world.

1. E-Hang-184   

Ehang 148 Most Expensive Drones In The World

Talking about most expensive drones in the world E-Hang-184 top of the list.

E-Hang 184 was built with a purpose of transportation and traveling of one passenger weighing less than 100Kg.

It also ensure the safety of the passenger  through the auto landing feature in case of any trouble.

This drone is 100% eco friendly, with no harmfully missions and its only charging by electricity. Roughly the flight time of E-Hang 184 is 23 minutes and up to the rage of 10 miles.

On full charge this drone can fly maximum about 81 mph and takes 4 hours to fully charge the drone but the charging time may vary on the usage of the drone by its user. 

E-Hang company is planing to upgrade the drone and already tasted 2 seater version of the drone carrying up to 280Kg of weight.

This drone is valued at a whopping price around –

$200.000 – $300.000

2. Aerones Fire Fighting  Drone 

aerones firefighting drone

Aerones Fire Fighting  Drone is a unique and innovative drone by a company called Aerones ltd. This drone is designed with a purpose to outperform and at the same time assist  firefighters. 

Compared with a ordinary drones, this drone can fly to a height 200 to 400 meters  and weighs around 55Kg. Its is square shaped drone and length and width of 3m.  

The primary purpose of this drone is, to reach areas witch are dangerous or impossible to humans to combat the fire and shoot water or form. 

It can shoot water and form though the front nozzle at the speed of 100 Liters per minute with a maximum pressure of 200 bars.

Generally with these kind of functionalities, the drone becomes weaker. 

However this firefighting drone is different and works greatly even with these advanced functions. It can also lift and rescue people with a weight less than 145kg.

It is able to operate narrow spaces and can avoid obstacles and flight modes. Last bar not least it can also use for cleaning and maintenance purposes high raise buildings or structures. 

Cost of this drone is around-

$35,000 – $40,000

3. DJI Inpire 2  Cinema Premium    

inspire 2 premium Most Expensive Drones In The World

DJI Inspire 2 cinema premium is highly valued and premium drone witch has space of around 19 inches  between the propeller arms allowing drone to move around freely. 

The drone has flight time of 27 minutes  and has flight control range of under 7km. As far as the speed is concerned, DJI Inspire has an impressive speed of a 94 kmph. 

It slso offers live 1080p  video feed in order to meet the highest film making standards, this drone uses S35 image sensor offers 6k cinemaDNG RAW and Wide dynamic range up to 14 stops. 

It has world first integrated aerial lens amount that is allows drone to switch between 4 available prime lenses quickly and easily.

So without any doubt this drone is perfect to aerial cinematography. 

DJI Inspire 2 costs around –


4. Freefly Alta 8

Most Expensive Drones In The World

The Freefly Alta 8 comes with 360 degree camera witch offers a circular view. This drone offers a tip quick release function, witch allows incredible speed,  flexibility and creativity. 

Freefly Alta 8 is water resistant and easily bare harsh weather conditions. The drone is made out of light weight plastic witch allows you to move around freely. It has flight time around 35mins.  

When unfolded it is 52inches in diameter, when the arms are folded, the diameter can reduce about 50% of its size. It has 8 rotors witch are equipped with F45 silent drive motor equipment witch provide a maximum 6300rpm. 

It has such other amazing features as well including vibration isolator, 3W RGB LED , FPV mount and latest GPS technology. 

The drone can controlled by two users at the same time so it is very useful to professional cinematography or photography. 

The cost of an Alta 8 is around –


5. Matrice 600 Pro   

Most Expensive Drones In The World

Matrice 600 Pro is one of the largest drone build by the company DJI.

It has a 6 rotor system (Hexacopter) and it’s built for heavy lifting performance.

Its has pre-installed arms and antenna witch reduce the time required to setup the drone for the purpose of lifting.

This drone is equipped with actively cooled motors controlling the temperature of the battery and also has and intelligent flight battery allowing you the flight time of 40 minutes with 6s lips battery.

Camera system can use for 360 degree circular view and has a retractable landing gear, that allows attach and detach professional grade cameras for aerial photography. 

The drone has a long range up to 5km, allows HD video transmission. Matrice Offers  compatibly with onboard SDK for program it to various purposes.

The cost of Matrice 600 Pro is around –


Thanks for reading. Those are top 5 most expensive drones in the world, so witch drone did you find the most impressive? And why ? Let me and others to know the reason on the comment section below. I’ll catch you guys on my next article. Peace.

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