Best Cheap Drones With 4K Camera in 2019 : Top 5 List

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Hello guys welcome to my blog, today we are going to talk about Top 5 best cheap drones with 4K camera in 2019.

Now a days drones can be seen at everywhere, its that much popular and there are so many RTF drone making companies in the world.

Most major drone manufacturers are trying to upgrade their drones as much as possible due to high competition.

Major feature of a drone is its camera system, now in each and every commercial drones has at least HD quality camera system but when we talking about best Drones, there are drones that equipped with 4K camera system.

But most of leading drone brands are quite expensive with these kind of features, but there are some best cheap drones including 4K camera in the market.

*Note – I’m not talking here Features like GPS, FPS, Position Hold, Return to Home and etc…

Enough talking, lets get in to it.

1. Hubsan H117S Zino  

Best Cheap Drones With 4K Camera hubsan

Hubsan is making drones with various price ranges The H117S Zino is new better quality drone that affordable to most people.

This drone comes with most popular foldable design, so it is really easy to carry. Also this drone including all other common features that includes drones in 2019.

Here are the Best Features list of – Hubsan  H117S Zino

  • 4K Camera system
  • 3-a-xis stabilized 4k camera equipped with F2.2 aperture and 89° wide-angle lens
  • Follow Me
  • Waypoint circumnavigation of giving points
  • Orbiting point of interest
  • Use image tracking, select the area to re-cord and keep the wonderful moments

Price  $415.00

2. Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE

Best Cheap Drones With 4K Camera - FIMI

Xiaomi is now also developing Drones now, You may know Xiaomi selling their product so much cheaper than other manufactures.

The xiaomi FIMI X8 SE is a wonderful and absolutely portable drone with affordable price, and also that really easy carry.

Here are some notable Features of – Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE

  • 3-axis Mechanical Gimbal
  • 4K/30fps 100Mbs  camera system
  • 5 KM  image transmission range
  • Flight time is up to 33mins
  • Smart visual tracking system
  • Precise Vision Positioning System
  • High quality Remote Controller

Price $499.00

3. Eachine E520S

Best Cheap Drones With 4K Camera - eachine

Eachine is one of the popular RC hobby equipment manufacture from China. Firstly they made only FPV drone equipments but now they has good RTF drone fleet. The Eachine E520S is portable and  mobile friendly drone with many advanced features including 4K camera system.

Best features of – Eachine E520S

  • 4K Camera system
  • Made with durable materials
  • Surround action will enable the aircraft flying in a circle, providing cooler shooting perspective.
  • low power protection and over current protection.
  • 6-axis g-yro which can have more stable flying and be easy to control. 
  • 3-mode flight speed to switch that can make more fun with the flying.

Price $99.00

4. JJRC X9P Heron

jjrc heron drone

JJRC X9P is a perfect drone comes with various functions and good camera system for price. Also this drone can give live video feed about 800m range. Also this drone can recommend for entry level drone pilots or if you want buying a quadcopter first time.

Noticeable Features of – JJRC X9P Heron

  • 4K HD Camera with 2 axis Gimbal
  • Optical Flow Positioning using a camera that under the drone
  • One Key – Takeoff, Landing, Return and Following modes
  • Point of Interesting Flight that can fly circularly around position you pin
  • Gesture recognition

Price  $239.00


VISUO ZEN K1 is a foldable quadcopter with dual camera setup, one camera is primary camera and other one is used for image processing so this drone allows you to better flight experience. Also this drone gives you 28mins of flight time and 4K 50X Zoom camera system.

  • Wide Angle Camera with Adjustable 120 ° Angle, 4K HD, 50x Zoom Camera
  • Features of – VISUO ZEN K1 Drone
  • Object identifying system
  • Gesture recognition
  • Multi-point flight planning
  • 28 minutes of ultra-long battery life

Price  $239.99

Final Words

Commercial drone industry is growing day by day with various kind of RTF drones, these are only some drones that I selected from market today.

I’ll update this list again soon, because with revolutionary technology this market is changing everyday. Thanks for check out my article hope you got some knowledge.

If you have any suggestions, please comment below to know others. Peace.

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