5 Amazing Homemade Drones : New Drone Inventions

5 Amazing Homemade Drones

Drones are developed mainly for military purposes in history but most innovative peoples always unleashing their new possibilities everyday. 

Also there are many kinds of drones, entering to the market everyday. 

If you have some technical knowledge build a drone at home isn’t that much stressful thing now. 

Today I’m not going to talk or tech you about building drones cuz I’ve already done that earlier. You can check my drone building articles from Build section.

Today I’m gonna show you 5 amazing homemade drones that I saw in the youtube.

Lets get in to it.

1. Dragoncopter

This is probably one of the most innovative project out there and its definitely one of the most unique RC Drone you ever seen. It only weighs 162g and its fly little bit differently by using four cycloidal propellers. It has a higher degree of moving ability and might even be possible to transform in to a micro aerial vehicle. The creator of this build doesn’t popular much.

2. F-35B Model Jet

F-35 is not the best aircraft that ever build but this scaled version probably one of the amazing home ever made. The main amazing feature of this drone is, it can take off and land vertically.

3. MotoPhan – super bike

Build by another  undiscovered talented builder, This drone is kind of a flying bike, its relatively pretty stable and its well executed proof of concept. We just need a bigger bike so we can flying storm strippers or chasing people down the streets. We can actually learn something from this build and the creator definitely have some skills and has build another RC Drones.

4. Concept Millenya

The Millenya probably one of most amazing homemade drone out there, with a total build time of over 6 years. The inventor admitted that it had many trials and errors and it even fired one of that time. But like any complex project, innovational ideas with persistence brought this sport drone to the life. Also its pretty stable with the pilot and it can carry max 100kg payload (include pilot).

5. Ikarus

This is probably one of the most unique and engineered project out there. It has a 3D printed Thrust-vectored Ducted Fan. There are 4 independent controls, pitch, roll, rudder and rotate.

So these controllers allows you to fly pretty much anywhere you want. The main ducted fan spins very fast about 38,000rpm. But the down side is, there is lot of a tweaking when its flying. If you want to build this thing, the project is in the inventors web site.

Final words

Build a drone at home isn’t that much hard thing now, so most enthusiast are trying to invent new things everyday in this industry.

New innovations are great, but also there many obstacles to overcome, specially law issues related with this drone industry.

I hope you enjoyed my 5 amazing homemade drones list . Thanks for reading. Peace.

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