Worlds Smallest UAV : British Military Black Hornet Drone

Worlds Smallest UAV

Today I brought you review about Worlds Smallest UAV Aircraft.

It’s known as British Military Black Hornet.

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well it looks like a toy that you might buy your nephew for Christmas.

But in fact this is new technology that British troops have been using out on the ground since last year.

Specifications & Features

It’s extremely light and weighs only 16 grams, about the same as this pair of sunglasses.

Worlds Smallest UAV

Also there’s a tiny camera a motor and a battery that allows it to fly.

This cutting-edge technology has been developed by a norwegian company and within minutes the black Hornet can be up and running.

The camera on the helicopter relays motion video footage of the compound onto the handheld computer.

It gives the user grid coordinates, the battery life, the height of the device off the ground and the current wind strength.

It can also take still photos.

But this new capability isn’t cheap, 160 of them have been delivered to UK troops costing 20 million pounds.

It’s money well spent though if it’s going to prevent soldiers being pinned down by enemy fire.

This helicopter is so small that it’s not classified as an aircraft.

Which allows the flight commander on the ground to use it at a moment’s notice without going through a chain of command.

It’s also small enough to not be an insurgent target.

Worlds Smallest UAV

once the job’s done it can be packed away, the batteries will be recharged and it’s ready for its next mission.

I hope you got some knowledge about this worlds smallest UAV Aircraft. Thanks for reading this article. Peace.

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