Modular and Programmable Drone : The Airblock

Modular and Programmable Drone

Hey guys, today I brought you kind of review and this is not about a normal RTF Drone in the market. This is a Modular and programmable Drone named “Airblock

The uniqueness of this drone is, its an one-of-a-kind programmable transformable drone and hovercraft.

Think you’ve seen a drone like this? think again air block is unlike any drone you’ve seen before.

Because this drone is undamageable. Amazing right? Lets dig it deeper.

Technology of Airblock Drone

Start with individual magnetic pieces and 15 seconds later you have a drone.

Control the drone through the app via bluetooth and take to the sky in no time.

Air block is amazing not just because, it’s entertaining but also because it’s educational. 

It teaches kids and big kids about coding and aerodynamics. 

use pre-programmed maneuvers within the app Just drag and drop into action.

Air block caters to every type of drone pilot.

Also you can program your own aerial stunts right in the app.

Have some cool ideas of your own air block allows you to DIY, so you can build your very own creation from scratch.

Not Only an UAV


With air block you’re not just constrained to the air.

Take to the land or sea by transforming your drone into a hovercraft and hover over smooth ground or even over water.

Rookie killing your vibe and your drone totally fine because, air block is tough so you can fly and bump into obstacles without fear.

Because of the engineered plastic foam makes air block durable. 

So it’s safe to fly indoors or out snap into action and keep flying.


Applicable Areas : Sky/Land/Water

Control Distance : 10 meters

Max Speed : Around 2 m/s

Control . : Via Makeblock App

Battery Life : Air – 7mins / Water – 20mins

About The Manufacture

Modular and Programmable Drone

Name of this amazing Modular and programmable Drone manufacture company is  “Makeblock”, they’ve launched and shipped four products on Kickstarter and have grown from just three people to a team of 200 people today.

They’ve got 400,000 users and still growing in the past four years.

They’ve established themselves as the company that encourages stem-based education through our DIY robotics and products.

There’re passionate about bringing DIY robotics and stem based programming and education to folks like us.

Actually this amazing drone comes with an affordable price of $99. 

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