Syma Z1 : Foldable Mini FPV Drone

Syma Z1 : Foldable Mini FPV Drone
Syma Z1

Hi I’m Kezi, Today we’re going to talk about the Syma Z1 drone.

Because I saw most people are curious about these kind of pocket drones after DJI introduced their Mavic mini drone.

It’s a new model it’s a compact model approximately the size of a cell phone.

This folds up and you can basically fold the wings out put it in your pocket.

Syma Z1 mini Drone

So you can carry it wherever you like to go you.

Link it through webcam and you can take a video with also a vessel you would control it.

My general flight impressions of it is that it’s a pretty good little flyer.

Even when it’s windy and actually if you have the space, you’re okay.

It’s just little smaller model so it’s not something you would take too far away.

You know it could take videos and which is kind of nice and pictures.

Functions of Syma Z1

First of all you should log onto the Syma fly app, download it for this particular model the Syma Z1.

Some of the features on the z1 which are very nice is to go on and off switch.

It works very well we turn it on and it lift by by itself to a certain height.

You can control that of course, and then lowering it you hit it again and it automatically lower it.

When landing it takes a little bounce and then land which is actually very nice.

The fpv camera which is a high definition and as well has a flight plan which you can plan ahead of time where you want it to go.

So you can watch the video as you’re going and that’s kind of a nifty, it also has a headless mode for flying.

Syma Z1 mini Drone Functions

You can turn modes on by pressing app turn it off by pressing the app again and those are the basic functions.

I think you want to get used to using advanced functions but I think those will get you going and get you used to the product.

So that’s very the key to using this product it’s getting used to some of the regular features of it.

Finally I think it’s a very pretty good product in that regard for Cup being compact fly ability is a pretty good except for when it’s really windy.

But that’s my general impressions of it.

It has a conflict extra props and prop detectors so that’s kind of nice if you bump into things very durable.

The controls takes a little bit of getting used to on the phone because you don’t have sticks like in a RC.

It’s a flat screen you don’t have any impressions or indentations.

But after few flights, anyone control it easily.

Anyway that’s my personal take on the Syma z1 thanks a lot reading my article.

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