Top RC Racing Drone Kits

Top RC Racing Drone Kits

Drones have gained an extreme amount of popularity in recent years. There are thousands of people who have already purchased a drone or are planning to buy one.  The ready made drones are not only expensive but you also get a limited amount of features.

The alternative way you can get your own drone is to simply build one. Yes, you can easily build your own drone kit. If you are wondering which is the top racing drone kits, here are some of the simplest products that will help you in making the best drone. 

LHI 250mm Pro Pure Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame Kit 

Top RC Racing Drone Kits

If you are looking for some affordable alternative, LHI can be a good start. It is a bit hard for the first time users. However, you can surely build the best drone using this kit.

The kit contains CC3D Flight Controller and for the best performance, it has MT2204 2300KV Motor. Moreover, it also includes Simonk 12A ESC and for the propeller, it has 6030 CF Propeller Prop. 

As mentioned in the name, it is a pure carbon frame for a quadcopter. You can buy it directly from Amazon and start building your drone.

The rubber damper will decrease the vibration while you are flying it. It is one of the best sellers of Amazon along with great reviews. The kit is affordable as you will pay roughly around $100 for the entire kit. 

GILOBABY STEM RC Toys DIY Mini Racing Drone

Top RC Racing Drone Kits

If you don’t want to spend more money on the top rc racing drone kits, you can make a mini RC drone. You will not only spend less money here but comparatively, it is easier to create using this amazing kit.

For mini-drone, you can go with Gilobaby Stem kit. It has all the components such as 2 blades (8 pcs), 4 motors, 1 body, and all the other necessary components such as USB charger, PCB, body tools, etc. 

Talking about the pricing, you will get the kit under $50. 6-axis Gyro flight with quad rotorcraft. There is a headless mode for easy flight. If you are worried about the direction, it can have complete 360° all angle flexible movement function.

In other words, you can fly the drone anywhere you want and can also perform stunts. It is one of the best kits you can go with if you are just getting started. You can surely use the user manual for more help.

DIY Mini RC Toy Quadcopter Battle Drone

For the people who are looking for a battle drone along with the camera, you should check out this drone kit. The mini Batte drone comes with FPV HD Camera RTF.

It is a wifi camera that you can directly see the picture on your smartphone. Moreover, when there is a battle between two of these drones, if one of them is shot, the light goes blinking and it hovers forming a circle.

If the drone is shot for 3 times, it will safely land on the ground with blinking light.

The kit includes the 6-Axis Gyro Assembly and other parts of the drone. The time duration for the drone is roughly 30 mins. A LED light is present along with the Headless Mode and Altitude hold mode.

Moreover, it is easy to assemble and it includes a user manual to help you wherever you need. The application to control the drone can be found both in IOS as well as on Android stores. The links and the QR code to download the app is available on the user manual. You will also find a quick guide to set up the application and start using it.

Top Race DIY Drone Building Blocks

Toy Drone 4

The last option you can go with for amazing top racing drone kit is the DIY drone building blocks. The drone has 360-moment using which you can move the drone in any direction you want. There are 54 Pieces (TR-D5) in this product. Here, you will get the basic features of the drone. 

This is especially for the kids above 14 years old. If you are looking for a professional drone with lots of features, this is surely not the one that you are looking for.

It is a top rc drone kit that comes with building blocks which is extremely easy to assemble and start playing. If you are looking for a perfect gift for a small kid, this could be the best one that you can give,

 DJI F450 Flame Wheel ARF Kit


Our first choice that you can go with to build your own drone kit is DJI F450. The kit has everything that you need including 4 electric motors and 4 propellers.

Moreover, it has a frame, controller, OPTO, etc. The propellers size is different. You get two propellers in 8 inches and the other two comes with 10 inches. 

Talking about the pricing, you can get this kit somewhere around $350 to $900. There are different kits where the difference is in the number of components and also in the size. Depending on your requirements, you can purchase one.

The kit is not recommended for the beginners because of the pricing. If you are not sure how to assemble a drone using the kit, you should not spend more money for the first time itself.

However, if pricing is not an issue for you, it is one of the best drone kits you will buy and also it has every single component. You can choose the components and select one that you want. 

Final words on racing drone kit

These are some of the drone kits that you should take a look at. Some of these kits are only for kids. Make sure you see the user manual or the guide first before you start building the drone.

Although most of them are too easy to assemble, it is recommended that you check out the necessary guide before starting. Lastly, don’t go with the kit that is too expensive if you are a beginner. You should start with the small easy to build kit and later on go to the highly expensive kits. 

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