Spry Waterproof Drone : Review

Spry Waterproof Drone  - cover

After two years of designing and prototyping we’re ready to introduce the Spry waterproof drone.

This drone floats like a boat can briefly submerge on the water, then flip back to fly in the air at over 40 miles per hour.

It’s a combination of a racing quad and a photography drone with a robust waterproof body.

The first ever waterproof remote control

Spry Waterproof Drone  remote controller

The waterproof remote control has a built-in monitor that allows you to watch the live video stream and on-screen display information.

The spry can also send its video signal to several monitors simultaneously, so you can share your flying experience with your friends on the spot.

The surprise 4k camera tilts up and down to always point in the right direction during flight.

This water proof drone allows you to see what’s under water.

Another cool feature is the expansion port that allows future accessories to be attached on the bottom and enhance the surprise capabilities.

Flying experience

Spry Waterproof Drone  - flying experience

You can turn the GPS on and off from the remote control to fly freestyle or activate its advanced flight features like Follow Me object orbit and return to remote-control location.

So that if you’re on a moving boat, the Spry will always come to where you are or if you’re more into robotic flying, you can use the spry app to set up waypoints on the map and fly a designated path completely hands-free.

Spry Drone kit

The Spry is compact and comes with everything you need to fly.

The moment you get it the carrying case battery remote and charger.

The manufactures of this Spry waterproof Drone, also doing something that we don’t think has ever been done before.

They’re releasing a series of videos bringing you inside of the factories that make some of the components for the Spry.

Not only but also show you the working conditions of these factories and also learn how LiPo batteries are made propellers are made in how the whole manufacturing process works.

As they say, they spent years in the design stage to push the limits and redefine the capabilities of drones.

In general, the only thing that’s missing to make the Spry a reality at an affordable price is you by supporting this project.

So now you can buy this waterproof drone about $987.00.

Thanks for being with my review and hope you got some knowledge about this spry Drone. Peace.

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