Best Drone Camera Gimbals : Capture More Stable Images

Every people wants to take a sharp and quality photographs using drones, but without a Good Drone camera gimbals it doesn’t that much easy. So this is the time a best camera gimbal comes to action, because using a better camera gimbal system you can take super quality aerial footages.

What Exactly is a Drone Camera Gimbal ?

Drone camera gimbal is a electronic device  built with one or few motors, that can stable in vertical position at any moving environment.

When RC Drones are getting more and more popular in many fields such as filming industry, people needs to take more stable and shaper footages for their projects.

In that time many electronic device manufacturers try to make a device that can use to connect  between camera and drone for fix those stability issue.

The technology behind a camera gimbal is not that complex, mainly its made up with electronic motors and controller board (some may not).

Now a days these Drone Camera Gimbals are available on market in many price ranges and brands.

How to Choose The Best Drone Camera Gimbal ?

Drone Camera Gimbals - png

For some people choosing a camera gimbal might me stressful task, But I’m sure, after you reading this article it’ll not that difficult.

When you choosing a  Best Drone camera gimbal, there are few major areas that depend the goodness of  gimbal.

Here are few of them – 


Price is the main thing to consider if you are in a low budget. There are many gimbal brands on the market with various prices. If you are in a very low budget, I recommend you to buy a servo based camera gimbal. 

But stabilty may bit disturbed. If budget is nothing to you then the best choice is go with a brushless gimbal model cuz it’s also give better image quality rather than servo gimbal.


Your purpose or what you exactly going to with using your drone in another aspect to consider, if you just wan’t to capturing normal aerial photographs a normal servo gimbal may suitable.

But if you looking to more professional level videography, you should buy more advanced 3 axis brushless gimbal.

Flight Time

Drone camera gimbal system is directly affect to flight time of a drone, mainly its weight and power consumption.

Actually now a days there are light weight camera gimbals on market that made with materials like carbon fiber. Also gimbals with brushless motors are consuming less battery power.


Quality of a drone camera gimbal is a main factor, if you really care about quality of your footages, because there’re  some low quality and unbranded gimbals on the market.

Those inequality gimbals may give unsharp , noisy and more disturbed videos. I highly recommend you to when buying a drone camera gimbal, buy it from good manufacture.

Types of Drone Camera Gimbals

Drone Camera Gimbal types

There are few types of drone camera gimbals, mainly those types depend on its motor configuration. I’ll put list below what are the main types of camera gimbals and some good camera gimbals on the market.

What Is The Camera Gimbal Axis ?

drone axis

Before we going to talk about types of drone camera gimbals, you have to what is an axis ? There are three main axis when we talking about drones. They are – Roll (Left / Right) , Pitch (Forward/ Backward) , Yaw (Rotate) with using these axis you can control the camera gimbal through these sides.

2 Axis Camera Gimbals

This is the most common gimbal type on drone market, you can control camera in 2 axis, they are pitch and roll. If you working with drone or quadcopter this type is good for you because it’s light weight and low cost. 

Here are some 2 axis good camera gimbals on market – 

  • Walkera G-2D 2 Axis Brushless Gimbal 
Drone Camera Gimbals -  walkera

Walkera is a popular brand in drone equipment industry, this G-2D 2 Axis gimbal unit is durable and worth for money. Also this gimbal uni working fine with GoPro Action camera models and wide range of drones or quadcoptors.

Price: $99.95 only.

  • Tarot Brushless Gimbal – 2 Axis 
Drone Camera Gimbals - tarot

Tarot is one of most advanced and heavy duty RC Drone components manufacturing company.  This 2 Axis gimbal unit gives impressive video footages  even during unstable flying conditions. Also working with almost every GoPro camera devices.

Price: $120 only.

  • Feiyu Tech FY-WG-MINI 2 Axis Wearable Gimbal
Drone Camera Gimbals - feiyu

This 2 Axis Feiyu Gimbal is good stable gimbal with many extra options and high durability.  Also you can use this gimbal as warble camera gimbal rather than on drone. Feiyu FY-WG-MINI gimbal supports to GoPro action cameras. 

Price: $250.00 only

3 Axis Gimbals

3 Axis Gimbals are much advanced and heavier than other types, and also more expensive. These Gimbal can use for many professional level recordings, because this gimbal working along with 3 Axis , namely the pitch, roll and yaw. With this extra yaw controller,  you don’t have to rotate the drone or quadcopter to capture different angles. 

  • 3DR Solo Gimbal
Drone Camera Gimbals - 3 axis 3DR Solo

3DR Solo Gimbal is supper stable and highly camera pointing accurate gimbal system that mainly supports GoPro devices. This smart 3 Axis gimbal system allows you to capture super smooth footages on any condition.

Price: $54.99

  • Feiyu Tech Mini 3D 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal
feiyu gimbal 3 axis

This is one of the advanced level 3 Axis gimbal built by Feiyu. These gimbal system compatible with many kinds of drones on the market. Also has higher stability and many cool features.

Price: $149.00 only

  •  Zenmuse H3
zenmuse h3

Mainly this Zenmuse H3 gimbal made for DJI Phantom drone series. Most of pro grade filmmakers like to work with this gimbal system, because of its quality.

Price: $199.44 only

Brushless Camera Gimbals

Brushless camera gimbals are another quality device. Because brushless motors allows to work smoothly than servo or brushed motor gimbals. Also these gimbals can control very quickly and smoothly.

  •  Andoer 2D Light Weight Brushless Motor Gimbal
Drone Camera Gimbals - brushless gimbal

The Andoer 2D camera gimbal is very simple and accurate device. Also compatible with many camera products and easier to setup. These 2 Axis brushless gimbal is perfect for aerial photography. 

Price: $59.00 only

Servo Gimbals

Now a days these servo gimbal types aren’t popular, because of brushless motor gimbals, because these are not much accurate as 2 or 3 Axis gimbal systems.

  • Pan Tilt Servo Gimbal
Drone Camera Gimbals  servo gimbal

This servo gimbal is light weight and it can control 250mm+ size any action camera.

You have to program your flight controller or servo controller. Most beginner level RC Model makers use this module as camera gimbal.

Price: $17.95

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drone Camera Gimbals

Advantages / pros :

• Camera Video Stabilization

This is the main reason to use a camera gimbal for drones. Drone is a moving thing so when recording aerial footages small bad move cause blur the images. So better camera gimbal allows you to take more sharper aerial footages. 

• Stable on any Flying condition

Gimbal will stable video feed even on very bad flying conditions like weather situations. Because when you flying such a bad condition, your drone maybe wobbles or tilts.

• Can use zoom lenses

You know, when photography we have to use a tripod for take sharp photo from longer camera lens. Also in aerial photography field, most people use good gimbal system for photography.

• No need to control drone too much.

When using a drone camera gimbal, like 3 Axis type, you do not need to worry about drone’s orientation cuz you can move your camera by using gimbal controller.

Disadvantages / Cons : 

• Power Usage

Power is a essential thing when talking about these battery powered drones. A good and accurate camera gimbal tends to use extra power for drone battery. Also this means its reducing flight time of the drone.

• Pricey

Most new gimbal systems are very expensive and not affordable to everyone.


Drone camera gimbals are getting popular mainly among drone photographers and filmmakers, because of the stability of footages. There are few types of drone gimbals, depending on its axis count and motor type. Now a days there are many camera gimbals on the market. I hope this article will help you to know about drone camera gimbals and choose a best gimbal system for your  purpose. Thanks for reading. peace.

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