No Drone Zones : Places Can’t Fly or Banned Drones.

No Drone Zones

Some people has their own drones and most people like to have one. Also now a days drones are using for many tasks. Such as military, aerial photography , delivery , rescue missions and agriculture.

Drones or UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are now use as a hobby. Some RC Hobby enthusiasts build drones at home. But also it need some skills to fly a drone.

But you can’t fly a drone any place or country you wan’t because, there are some permanent No Drone Zones and some temporary no drone flying zones depending on regulations of each countries.

Why Ban Drones?

There are few reasons to ban drones and They Are – 

Privacy – There are so many camera equipped drones on the market, so some people can spying on you or any restricted area by using these drones.

Dangerous –  Because of a flying unmanned vehicle it could be crash on third party place and it could be harmful.

National security issues – There are some some countries has wars, so enemies can use drone for spying or attack somewhere by using drones.

Is it illegal to have or use a Drone?

No Drone Zones

Now a days its not illegal to have a drone in most countries but there are  few counties, that you can’t keep a drone without registering or permission.

Here are the FAA point of view about Drones.

Permanent Drone No-Fly Zones

As I know the almost every countries these places are forbidden or banned to fly drones on a permanently. Main reason to that is these places are nationally valuable and securable.

Airports – In Airports, drones are not allowed to fly specially on bases, most these rules are given by aviation authorities.

Large cities – There are some very crowd cities such as Tokyo are not allows to fly  drones.

Sensitive industrial sites –  The sites like gun powder or firework manufacturing plants are no drone zones.

Nuclear facilities – Not only drones but also humans can’t even get near to nuclear facilities without a permissions.  

Military bases – This is one of the main no fly zone to drones, in a military base they could shot your drone down.

Prisons – As the military areas, prisons are not allows to aerial vehicle to fly above.

Temporary Drone No-Fly Zones 

In some countries, they are banning some places, areas or sites temporary due to security reasons.

When they named any placed as No Drone Zone, people can know about it from local news or something.

Concerts and open air events  – When in concert, there are so many crowd on the ground, if a drone crashed down, it could be very harmful to people.

Military exercises – In some military exercises such as Air shows, government named that places as no drone zones temporary.

International summits – There are so many national leaders participating on summits, as a security protocol, governments temporary banning those areas. 

The 24 Countries Where Drones Are Banned

In many countries in the world are banned drones as a security reason I mentioned above, But in some countries such as India, Pilots have to register their drones and get a permission to fly. They attach RF(Radio frequency) ID and SIM and allows drone to fly.

Here are some countries that named as “No Drone Zones” (some may now released)

  1. Algeria
  2. Barbados
  3. Belgium
  4. Brunei
  5. Cambodia
  6. Cote d’Ivoire
  7. Cuba
  8. Egypt
  9. Ethiopia
  10. India
  11. Iran
  12. Kenya
  13. Kuwait
  14. Kyrgyzstan
  15. Madagascar
  16. Morocco
  17. Nicaragua
  18. North Korea
  19. Tunisia
  20. Saudi Arabia
  21. Senegal
  22. Syria
  23. Uzbekistan
  24. Zambia


I know you are willing to buy are drone or already having one, but you should remember there are some rules when flying a drone and areas named No Drone Zones (also can find on maps).

But with the advantages of drones, governments can’t restrict drones too much. My opinion is get know about rules when flying a drone in your local area and if you going another country check their rules.

I hope you got some knowledge about where you cannot fly drones. Thanks for reading Peace.

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