Best Drone Prices : For Any Budget You Have

Best Drone Prices

Drones or Quadcopters are unmanned aerial vehicles that use for various kinds of stuff though the air. There are many different kinds of drones available today in the market. Depending on use and features. 

Toy Drones ranges from about $25 to $200. Mid range drone with camera start at around $350 to $600 while semi or professional drones can cost around $1000 or more.

Also with a huge range of drone models and with the competition in drone industry, best drone prices may vary by a significant amount.

In this article Im going to tell you about the best drone prices and there features.

List Of Drones You Can Buy Around $25 to $250

best drone around $20 to $250

Just as the price, all of the drones in the list below are simple and good for

use as toys.Most of these drones are better for practice before buying a professional one. But now a days that practice is also unnecessary because those expense pro grade drones are rally easy to fly because of its sensors.

1. EACHINE E010 Mini UFO


This is a greatest toy drone ever built, cuz it’s really cheap. Eachine mini is quilt small drone but it’s easy to fly. This drone has 5mins of flight time and has a one good feature and it is, this drone’s transmitter has a button and it work as a return to home future in pro drones.

  • Flight time – 5minutes
  • Range – 0.03km


2. Syma X5C

SymaX5C - price

The X5C is a basic quadcopter. The inbuilt gyro module keep it steady on its 9mins of flight time. But with this price you wouldn’t aspect this one, because this drone has HD camera.

The Syma X5C  is ideal for the people who are looking to buy an enjoyable drone for cheap price. Also this drone has some of pro features such as removable propellers and landing gear. Finally, this drone is easy to carry.

  • Flight time – 9minutes
  • Range – 0.03km



tello the cheap drone

Tello is a awesome drone that built by DJI the king of drone manufactures. Actually it is worth for price and most reasonable part is, its flight time when we compared with the other drones  in this price range.

DJI Tello has very good build quality and it also has two cameras, one of them are for keeping the drone stable in the air and other one is for FPV. 

This drone has good stability in the air and easy to hover and take off rather than other drones in this price range.

Tello is comes with two different versions and they are – Tello and Tello EDU. We talked about Tello drone above and EDU version is built for people, those who like to programming and DIY stuff. That means Tello EDU can program using a computer and test.

  • Flight time – 13minutes
  • Video resolution – 1280×720
  • Control range – 100m
  • Camera resolution – 2592×1936


4. HubsanX4 (H501S)

hubsan x4 drone best price

The Hubsan H501S drone is little bit pricy, but this one is a real deal cuz it has lot of features like semi-professional level drone.

This drone has good flight controlling system including GPS technology that allows you stay stable in the air. Also it has features like follow me, return-to-home and position-hold and it can perform well even in windy conditions.

The lithium-polymer battery gives about 18mins of flight time and This Hubsan drone packed with good quality transmitter that has LCD Screen in it.

  • Flight time – 18minutes
  • Video resolution – 1920 x 1080
  • Control range – 1km
  • Camera resolution – 2000 x 1500


List Of Drones You Can Buy Around $300 to $ 800

1. ParrotBebop 2 Power

parrot drones

If I have to mention one most technically advanced cheap drone, without any doubt I can say it is The Parrot Bebop 2 Power drone.The main reason to that assume is this drone’s super flight time when compared to others.

With a good aerodynamic design ,this drone comes with 14 megapixel camera with a 180 degree field-of-view fisheye lens.

  • Flight time – 30minutes
  • Video resolution – 1920 x 1080
  • Control range – 2km

Camera resolution – 4000 x 3000


2. DJI Spark

dji spark price

DJI Spark is mini sized camera drone, comes with features and specifications as near to pro grade best drone price. It has good stability and high tech controlling system.

This gesture controlling system allows you to take a photo from few feet away from you.

With 1080p Video recording camera with 2-axis mechanical gimbal system will help you to take awesome aerial footages within 16mins of flight time.

  • Flight time – 16minutes
  • Video resolution – 1920 x 1080
  • Control range – 2km
  • Gimbal – 2-axis
  • Camera resolution – 3968 x 2976


3. Parrot Anafi

parrot anafi

The Anafi very good for a drone at this price point and it can also compete with DJI’s mavic range.The overall stability of the drone is good but it doesn’t have an obstacle avoidance facility as mavic. This Parrot Anafi can shoots 4K videos at 30fps with HDR feature.

Also some one can say this is the cheapest drone with some professional specifications such as optical digital zoom with 20 megapixel lens. Also this drone can fly 25mins continuously. I can recommend this is one of the best drone for the price.

  • Flight time – 25minutes
  • Video resolution – 4096×2160
  • Control range – 3.8km
  • Gimbal – 2-axis
  • Camera resolution – 5344×4016


4. DJI Mavic Air

mavic air best drone prices

This is an amazing little drone with a good sporty look design.Mavic Air isn’t amazing because only the design, it also have pro grade stability control system with high quality 4K video recording facility with 100mbps bit rate. Last but not least this drone include 3 axis camera gimbal for shoot stable videos.

The battery pack of mavic air gives 21mins of great flight time for you and these all options that comes with this price.

  • Flight time – 21minutes
  • Video resolution – 3840 x 2160
  • Control range – 3km
  • Gimbal -3 Axis
  • Camera resolution – 4056 x 3040


List Of Drones You Can Buy Around $800 to upwards 

1. Autel Robotics EVO

best drone prices

The EVO from Autel Robotics is directly challenging  to DJI Mavic series, except the design it’s different from the Mavic 2 or Mavic Air.

It’s really portable cuz, It folds into a small including 3-axis gimbal system. Aslo the EVO has obstacle avoidance sensors as mavic bit not quality as it is.

With the camera system, EVO goes step further when compared to DJI’s products and it’s shooting 4K video at 60FPS.

Another cool feature of this EVO Drone is, this drone is comes with controller that has OLED screen in it. With that option you don’t need to smart phone to get live feed on scree.

With all above features this is one of the super drone in our best drones prices list.

  • Flight time – 30minutes
  • Video resolution – 3840×2160
  • Control range – 7km
  • Gimbal – 3-axis
  • Camera resolution – 4000×3000


2. DJI Mavic 2 Pro

The DJI Mavic Pro 2 is a portable professional drone that has bunch of high quality features.

It has amazing built quality and super stability even in heavy wind with obstacle avoiding technology.

With 31 minutes of super flight time Mavic Pro 2 allows you to capture cinematic quality videos in 4K 30fps camera system including 3-axis gimbal.

  • Flight time – 31minutes
  • Video resolution – 3840×2160
  • Control range – 8km
  • Gimbal – 3-axis
  • Camera resolution – 5472×3648


3. DJI Inspire 2

inspire 2 image

When we talking about best drone prices  this that “best” word part can replace with this “Inspire” part, actually the Inspire 2 will blow your mind because  it is the smartest, fastest, highest quality, most professional ready-to-fly camera drone you can buy ever.

This drone has awesome build quality with carbon fiber and magnesium materials.

Dual battery setup with 27 mins of  flight time, you have the choice of shooting 360 range RAW 4K video at 60FPS, 12-bit RAW 5.2K video at 30FPS. Also Inspire supports different external camera models too.

The Inspire 2 is easiest drone to fly but this cost it pretty much high, I recommend you to buy this drone with no doubt, if you really serious about high end filming and cinematography.

  • Flight time – 27minutes
  • Video resolution – 6016 x 3200
  • Control range – 7km
  • Gimbal – 3-axis 360°
  • Camera resolution – 6016 x 4008



Before buying, you should consider your price range, because so many drone models available now a days. from this article, I hope you got a good knowledge about choosing a fantastic drone, and best drones prices regardless of your budget level.

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