Drones are popular than ever, cuz right now anybody can get them right off the store.People use drones in their back yard or on their vacations.

Also drones are very useful cuz most of drones has cameras right now. Anyone can doing creepy thing buy using them, Such as spying on neighborhood or doing some James Bond stuff :), but there’s a big NO-NO and punishable by the law cuz here are many do’s and don’t of this rc drone hobby.

But, you can use spy drones for make your area safe from unwanted guests and spy one them.

What Are Spying Drones?

A drone, in a technical words, is an unmanned aircraft also In past, drones where mostly used for military purposes such as spying on enemy bases from air.

SPYING DRONES - military

Most  of these drone technology use to military purposes such as spying on enemies. If you more curios about military drones, we have just the article for you.

Because of the law, we can’t use our drones for such kinds of spying tasks.

What Does The Law About Spying Drones?

We’ll this is the bad news guys 🙁  As a reader of RC DIY DRONES , you may already know theirs some rules and regulations in most countries about drones.

These regulations are various from your drones type, weight maybe even hardwares it includes.

This means if some one claimed to police or something you can be end up in court or something.

Best Spying Drones On The Market

Now a days there are different types of drones on there market in many prices.But, picking the model that you think is the best for spying can be a stressful job. So first of all you have to think about about your budget. 

So think, how should be a spying  drone? The main thing is it’s size right? Yess, you have to find out smaller and silent drone for this and make sure it has a camera too :).

Guys don’t worry, I brought you a good list of spy drones on market.

1. DeerC HS110D


This drone is completely white color so it’s hard to track when up on the sky. It has controllable led navigation lams to find out at night. It’s simple to perform flips and is can fully charge within 2 hours and fly about 10 mins.With these specs this one is hell of a spying drone.

2.DJI Phantom 2 Vision+

This is a premium model with a excellent gimbal and take incredibly stable images. So it’s better who need pro quality footages. It has on board GPS and can record slow motion videos. But the downside is this drone is too expensive for spying tasks.

3. Forcel U49W


 This drone can give about 15mins of flight time, witch should be more than enough to get layer of a land. Also you don’t need to worry about when it running out of juice cuz its comes with another spare battery. Down side is this one little bit struggles on windy conditions.

4.Potensic  FPV


This drone can easily controlled buy just using your smart phone.This is good budget option an suitable for indoor use but the down side is this one has short battery life.

5. Altair Aerial AA108


The main reason to call this drone as a spying drone cuz, it can follow a flight path that pre determined using a smart phone. So its ideal for security purposes too.This drone have three flight modes depending your skills and as a additional feature is has low battery alarm. Maximum range is 100m only.

6. Holy Stone F181C

This drone’s key feature is, it has return to home feature that now a days premium drones have even with this cheaper price. This drone ha four different flight modes with HD camera.

7. Spacekey DC-014


This drone has 120 degree wide angle camera lens, that can provide truly panoramic images with good good color quality. Also has altitude hold function and very portable to use.Good for beginners.

8. Teeggi MJX Bugs

Teeggi MJX Bugs - spying drone

With 300m of FPV distance this one is a good one for spying on neighborhood. You can share the images and videos using its companion app. Also include long lasting brushless motors with 5g wifi-connectivity.

9. Holy Stone HS120D

Holy Stone HS120D

Holy stone drone is comes with 1080p full HD camera with 75 degree adjustable wide angle lens. It has Auto return , follow me and position hold functions. Also incredibly stable in air.

10. DBPower U818G

DBPower U818G

This is a solid drone comes with two different speed modes the can use as your task. Also include one click safe landing feature. Well perform flips and rolls, also compatible with vr headsets. So you can get awesome spying drone experience.

Final words.

Spying drone are very funny and interesting part but doing that without harming anyone is the main part.

Technology improving day buy day, but taking this technology for goodness it our think.

I hope you enjoyed this article, thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out our other article.

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