TU Delft -The Ambulance Drone

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TU Delft - Ambulance Drone

The TU delft ambulance drone project is a awesome innovative concept.

The Manufactures vision is to improve current emergency infrastructure with a network of drones capable of saving lives.

At over 100 kilometers per hour, these drones create an ultra-fast response system capable of increasing this survival chance from 8% to 80%.

This is because the TU Delft drone is not affected by a current road infrastructure,

that is capable of flying in a straight line,bringing down the average response time of an ambulance from 10 minutes to 1.

TU Delft developed a new type of drone that is capable of folding into a very compact position.

TU Delft - Ambulance Drone

Actually the drone essentially becomes a flying toolbox for your emergency supplies.

Using advanced production techniques, such as 3d printed micro structures and carbon fiber frame construction, This TU Delft ambulance Drone were able to achieve a very lightweight design.

Their iterative process using design sketching laser cutting and CNC milling allowed us to
rapidly visualize our ideas.

The result is an integrated solution that is clear in its orientation and friendly in

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