How to Fly a Drone or Quadcopter ? : Beginners Guide

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How to Fly a Drone or Quadcopter

Most people doesn’t know exactly how to piloting a Drone or Quadcopter, To fly a drone require some skills.

If you are struggling when flying your drone or quad, don’t worry, cuz this article will help you out to polish your piloting skills.

Also no matter what type of drone you have, because most of these controllers and instructions are same to others.

My target is to give you proper knowledge about how to fly a drone or quadcopter and use it safely.

Let’s get into it.

Controls of a Drone or Quadcopter

How to Fly a Drone or Quadcopter - transmitter mode 2
Image by – dronecode

Throttle  (Altitude) – This is the main controller that use to hover , landing and maintain altitude or your drone or quadcopter. To hover the drone from ground you just need to push there left tick more than half way forward on transmitter. To decrees the altitude you just need to do the opposite.

How to Fly a Drone or Quadcopter - throttle

Roll (Alleron) – You can roll your drone left side or right side. This can done by just pushing right stick on the transmitter left or right.

Pitch (Elevator) – This can control your drone’s forward and backward movements. Just have to push the right stick upward or downward.

How to Fly a Drone or Quadcopter pitch and roll

Yaw (Rudder) – With this controller you can rotate your drone or aircraft. All need to do is just push the left stick of the transmitter left or right.

How to Fly a Drone or Quadcopter yaw / rudder

Trims – These trim buttons use to adjust roll, pitch, yaw, and throttle.

Flight Modes of a Drone

flight modes

Manual – This option allows you to control all movements of drone when in the air. Auto leveling is the only thing that drone does.

Attitude hold (Auto-level) – After hovering to the position you need, you can on altitude hold option. With this option you can fly around in same altitude in the air.

GPS Hold / Position Hold– You can on this option where ever you need and then drone will stay exact position in the air. Also you can change position from controls.

Drone Flying Safety

How to Fly a Drone or Quadcopter safely

Drones are basically flying unmanned aircrafts, also it’s kind of heavy , So it can be dangerous if not operated carefully.

Here are some of the drone or quadcopter safety guides  should keep in mined.

1. Always if you going to hover the drone, don’t get too much close to it.

2. Don’t get closer when propellers start to spin.

3. If you are a beginner always trying to fly in outdoors or in unmanned area.

4. If you going to crash into something, first thing you should do is put the throttle stick down immediately. 

5. After taking off the drone, If you going to do any work on it, make sure to unplug battery power cable.

Lets Fly  a Drone !

drone pilot

I hope you’ve got good understanding about, controls and safety  when flying it. So you are now good to fly.

To start the drone, there are few ways and the main procedure is grab the two sticks in transmitter downward and left tick into right and right sick into left corner. (see the image below) After a moment all propellers will start to spin.

Second part is get your drone up in the air, at this time you need to increase the throttle stick slightly.

Do this couple of times, to practice..

Now, to hover the drone from ground you need to increase throttle more than 50% in transmitter.

After hover the drone to the air, if you’re beginner I Recommend you to tun on the Altitude hold option. The reason to do that is you, then you don’t need to worry about it’s vertical position.

Now you can practice Pitch and Roll controls.

Practice roll and pitch slowly and don’t push too hard and feel the sensitivity of controls.

Finally you need to practice landing part. At this point you need to be very care full cuz landing part is only depending on throttle stick. So you need move down the stick slowly and don’t bring it 0%. You may see when we pulling the stick down, drones is getting lower slowly. After it touches the grown bring the throttle to 0% and that it.

Practice To Fly a Drone

fly a drone

After getting comfort with sticks now you good to do some tasks.

Try these if you are a beginner –

1. Maintain your position in manual mode.

2. Rotate to drone using rudder.

3. Move left and right.

5. Try to fly in a square , Circle 

7. Try to fly in a triangle by maintaining different heights.

8. Pick different landing points and try to land on exact positions.

Check this videos to get more knowledge about how to fly a drone.


Drones and quadcopters are very popular devices now a days, most people use drones for different tasks. As a beginner you should have some skills to how to fly a drone or quadcopter yourself. I hope this article helped you to get knowledge and developing some drone piloting skills. Thanks for reading and if you have any suggestions or questions please comment below.Peace.

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