5 Drone Maintenance Tips : Give Your Drone The Longest Life

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Drone Maintenance Tips - cover

Today we’re going to look at some tips and techniques for maintaining your drone.

Just like any other expensive piece of camera equipment the better you look after your drone the longer and more reliably it will serve in capturing those memorable moments.

Alright, let’s get into our Top 5 Drone maintenance tips.

1. Drone Pre Flight Check

Drone Maintenance Tips - pre flight check

So to start it off we’re going to talk about the pre-flight checklist.

Now this may seem tedious at first but a pre-flight checklist will ensure you will not lose or damage your drone due to a silly mistake that could have easily been avoided

Here are some details your checklist should include – 

  1. Ensure the propellers are not damaged to enter attach firmly on the correct motors.
  2. Batteries should be charged and fitted properly.
  3. Set the home point in case of an emergency return to home.
  4. Conduct a compass calibration.
  5. Check satellite strength, wind speed, and direction.
  6. Finally hover your drone for a good 15 seconds before flying off to ensure everything is in order.

2. Cleaning Your Drone

Drone Maintenance Tips - drone cleaning equipments

Your drain may not look particularly dirty residue and grime may be lingering on its surfaces. 

Most dust can be blown off with a compressed air canister but for mud and dirt are wiped down with a slightly damp microfiber cloth should do the trick.

Additionally, try to avoid dusty and sandy areas where dirt can cause issues for the camera’s sensor during a lens swap or other grip can get jammed in the motors.

If dirt becomes an issue in these areas use an air blower to remove dust from the sensor and compressed air to blow out debris in the motors. 

Many of these issues occur during takeoff and landing so be sure to place your drone on a clean and level service or better yet invest in a landing pad.

3. Drone Battery Care

dji lipo battery

Now this is the most essential step in any drone maintenance.

We’ve many consumer drones relying on a single LiPo battery for power 0 power redundancy could potentially result in disaster for your drone.

But lipo batteries also pose other danger including their potential to explode into flames if not correctly looked after. 

While these occurrences are very rare the correct maintenance and decisions will ensure the longevity of your batteries and drone.

Here is my article about LiPo battery safety basics.

Here are some key tips to keep your batteries healthier for longer – 

  1. Avoid damaged batteries get a LiPo bag for protection and safety.
  2. Do not allow LiPo batteries to fully drain keep them above 20%.
  3. Do not leave batteries fully charged over multiple days however DJI smart batteries generally self discharged after a few days. 
  4. Store your batteries in a cool dry place away from flammable materials.
  5. Allow batteries to cool before charging. 
  6. Finally if there are any unusual battery characteristics when flying or charging dispose of them correctly.

4. Keep The Drone Safely

Keep your drone in a good quality case. 

There are many protective cases and backpacks which are great for this. 

But we would recommend using a hardshell case rather than a soft bag for best protection.

5. Fly Your Drone Safely

fly drone safely

Always be aware of your surroundings as your drone will last longer if you don’t crash it into a tree. 

I suggest is always land your drone bum in this keeps you orientated in the drones point of view without reversing your movements if you were to land it in forwards.

Well you may not see this as necessary I can assure you if something unexpected were to happen it’s too easy to lose orientation in that split-second decision.

Final Words

That’s it I hope these drone maintenance tips helped and if you have any more questions regarding drone maintenance or accessories please comment below.

Thanks for reading my article. Peace.

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