LiPo Battery Safety Basics : Safety First !

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LiPo battery safety basics

Today I want to share a few tips with you about how to use disposed of and properly handle your LiPo batteries.

These tips are going to be vital for making sure you have a safe and a fun flying experience.

I already wrote a article about How to choose best lipo battery for drone and this is the first in a series of articles.

I’m going to produce for you to teach you about LiPo battery safety basics.

Ok, lets get in to it.

1. Only store your LiPo batteries in a fire safe container

LiPo battery safety basics - use safe bag

This is a LiPo battery bag made just for that purpose you open the velcro seal place your battery inside in the environment safe from a fire hazard.

Many people use something more simple like this example battery bunker.

LiPo battery safety basics - use battery bunker

Which has been made from an old ammunition box you could pick one of these up at a garage sale or even a flea market.

2. Always use an appropriate charger

LiPo battery safety basics - use lipo balance charger

When charging your LiPo batteries some chargers like this one are pretty simple
to use you plug your battery in and it lets you know when you’re finished.

Other chargers are a little more complex like these that you see here they can be programmed for different sizes of batteries and include features like balancing.

We’re going to talk more in depth about charging in a later article.

Actually we should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when
charging and discharging your LiPo battery.

3. Do not over charge or discharge

You don’t ever want to over charged or over discharge because it’s not good for your LiPo battery health.

So you should refer the label on the battery to make sure your battery max voltage and lowest discharge point.

LiPo battery safety basics - read the label

In later article I’ll going to talk about how to read this label and make sure
your battery pack is up to the job.

4. Avoid damaged or puffed LiPo’s

Don’t ever try to use what we call a puffed pack or a pack that has any kind of
visible damage.

avoid puffed lipo

If you have a pack that has damage don’t try to take it apart or repair it because LiPo battery can fire quickly.

Final Words

I don’t want all these rules to feel overwhelming the fact is most LiPo battery accidents are the result of not following one of these simple rules.

Understanding the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations.

Because it’s critical to making sure that you have a safe and fun flying experience.

Thanks guys for reading my article, hope you got some knowledge about LiPo battery Safety Basics. Peace.

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