Drone AI Technology : The Automated Aerial Vehicles

Drone AI Technology

Technology is advancing day by day, Drone AI technology is one of them.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a type of computer science based intelligent devices that can work  like humans without instructions.

Drones are flying vehicles but the most of them have to control by using a Remote Controller. Also these drones can use for various industries such as filming, Military, agriculture and delivery.

With those uses of drones I mentioned above, can do more easier if combined this AI technology in to RC Drones.

Because of this matter, most major drone developing companies developing AI integrated drones for do various tasks.

In this article we are going to talk everything about Drone AI technology.

Features & Capabilities of Drone AI Technology

Drone AI Technology - features

1.Autonomous Flying

Imagine a flying bird, these birds are flying by getting directions from sun light , trees , objects , people and other birds. As a bird, these AI Powered drones can fly autonomously by using GPS , onboard sensors , pictures , weather and facial recognition. 

After collecting Data, AI system in drone, process  the data and command to flight controller unit to fly its destination.

2. Obstacles Avoidance or Tackling

Drones are collecting data from using Various sensors and one of them is Ultrasonic  sensors, after collecting data from those sensors.

By using advanced machine learning algorithm named “Fuzzy logic” , drones can process data and fly away by avoiding or tackling obstacles.

3. Image Recognition 

With using high quality cameras, drone taking as much as images and use AI system to process it and get details.

Also drone sues sensors such as LiDAR , electro-optical and stereo-optical to this process it also called as “Machine Perception”

4. Computer Vision (CV)

In the process I mentioned above, There’s a ability called “Computer Vision” in AI system, this thing can analyze images frame by frame and grab useful information from those images better than human eye.

5. Machine Learning (ML)

Simply, the machine learning is the ability that Drone AI can system can learn about new parameters everyday and include it to do other tasks.

Drone AI system doing this by taking  raw data from various sensors and use them with different algorithms. 

There are more advanced feature called “Deep learning (DL)” because in this AI learning process, this system functioning as human brain because it can make decisions.

6. Motion Detection and Planning

This is the most important part to military AI drones, because this system use all other features I mentioned above and give the commands to drone’s flight controller to detect moving objects like humans, and vehicles, then drone can deploy its goal.

Uses of AI Drones

drone uses


We already know capabilities of Drone AI technology, so with the features such as automated flying, image recognition, planing and learning, So drones easily can integrated with military tasks like tackling or spying on enemies and deploy targeted attack.

2. Agriculture

Agricultural fields are huge, so its stressful task to take care of them.

So with image processing and machine learning techniques drones can monitor corps or plants closely, then analyze the requirements of them and take care about them like watering without any human control.

3.Search & Rescue

As in the military tasks, with advanced machine learning techniques, drones AI drones capable of analyze any area entirely within short period of time and detect hutments or objects.

So with the right amount of data drone can find find missing human or something else much easier and quickly rather than human force.

Also theres many other uses such as real state analyzing, package delivery and inspection.

To know more about the capability of this AI technology check this video down below.


finally with the advancement of technology, Drones are now using  AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to various purposes.

Actually this technology has many capabilities and uses such as military and rescre, Also some may say this could be use badly for humans.

Therefore using this technology wisely, is a our task.Thanks for reading my article, hope you learn something. Peace.

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