Arduino drone : Every thing you need to build (part – 1)

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Arduino is an open-source technology that utilized for structure gadgets ventures. When In comes to RC DIY Arduino Drone project it’s a really awesome build.

Ok, when we ready to build an Arduino drone, we need  all of the major components to build a drone except the flight controller board. We need an Arduino board for use as our flight controller module.

As a reader of RC DIY DRONES, you may know the everything about how to build a drone or quadcopter. If you missed that article, I’ll recommend you to go and check it out from here – Rc Drone Build Step By Step Guide.

In this article I’m not gonna tell you about how to build a drone or quad copter from scratch, but I’ll show you briefly, the parts you’ll need to build an Arduino based drone in home.Ok, let’s dig this deeper.

Parts You Will Need For Your Arduino Drone or Quadcopter

 Parts You Will Need For Your Arduino Drone or Quadcopter
  • Frame – The “anatomy” of the quadcopter. When we talking about frames there are lots of frame design types. Before you selecting the frame, you should’ve better understanding about your purpose.
  • Motors – Motors are the main mechanical component in your drone and it keeps drone in the air by creating thrust with propellers.You may need four of them for quad, but recommend buy an extra one for emergency.
  • ESCs – These are also essential electronic components of your drone. Their main role is delivering power to the motors by getting commands from Arduino board that we using here.The amount of esc’s that we need here is same to our motor count.
  • Propellers – When looking for the propellers, most important part is its size and material.Size of the propeller should be in around 9 to 11 inch rage, cuz when your propeller gets bigger it’s smooth to fly.
  • Lipo – Battery – When purchasing the batteries for your android drone, you need to consider the capacity of a battery and its type. Capacity depend on weight of the battery.

   • Arduino board (FC)– Every flying drone must have a control system. FC’s main role is taking instructions from user(pilot) via remote controller and giving orders to ESC’s to, maintain the path. In this project we are gonna use Arduino Uno board as our drone flight controller.

  • RC Controller – The remote controller and receiver system is needed to control a drone. In drone industry people use radio frequency to transmit data. It’s your choice to choose a best resort controller for your drone project depends on your budget.
  • Wire Connectors –Connectors will help you to connect electronic components together easily without soldering. In this project you’ll need T plug or XT-60 with Buch of banana (bullet) connectors.

Please list the article below to learn about assembling process, because In that article I did an well detailed step buy step guide to build drone at home.

How to make a Rc drone at home?

How To Use Arduino As Drone Flight Controller?

I already know you are interested in these kind of electronic DIY projects, In this Im going to use here as our flight controller. This micro controller board is reliable and robust platform, It’s open source.

This Arduno Uno board specifications.

  • Microcontroller : ATmega328p
  • Digital I/O   Pins    : 14 (of which 6 provide PWM output) 
  • a 16 MHz Clock Speed
  • a USB connector
  • a power jack
  • a reset button
  • Weight : 25g
  • Input Voltage : 7-12V (recommended)

Wiring And Soldering The Arduino Uno : Process

This is the most complicated part when it comes to building process. For this you’ll need few more equipments and pretty good knowledge about Arduino programming and stuff.

Ok, readers this is the end of this article and and I’ll update you with programming part as the part ii of this article.Thank you.

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