Wing Drone Delivery : World First Drone Delivery Company

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Wing Drone Delivery

When you have a splitting headache or kind of infection the last thing you want to do, is drag yourself to the pharmacy for medication.

But soon, you might not it need to, those pill bottles could be delivered to your door step by Drone “WING” a drone company owned by google parent alphabet.

Is launching a pilot program with Fedex and Walgreens. Wing’s drones will deliver all of the medicine and other goods to eligible customers.

Wing says the pilot is the first of it’s kind and most advanced drone delivery service in the United States yet.

In April Wing became the first ever drone operator to be certified as an air carrier by the FAA.

In that certification allows the company deliver the commercial goods by a drone to customer who could be miles away.

How Wing Delivery Drones Work ?

According to Wing, customer’s Walgreens orders will be send as Fedex deliveries.

Packaged in a custom design box and delivered via wings drones as quickly as possible after customer placed the order. 

Wing has said in the past that is unmanned drones that are designed to deliver smaller packages, that weighs about 3.3lbs or less.

When drone came near to the customer’s door,

it will hover above 20feet of the ground and lower the package down to slowly via tether. 

Once the package safely land on the ground its release from the tether and get tether and back in before flying away.

Final words

Walgreens and Wing are using a pilot program to explore how to improve a accessibility of health care. In speed of last mile delivery service in general.

It’s hot area for innovation is both technology  and legislation around drones.

In advance the wing as well as major player like Amazon drone delivery,

has spent last few years conducting test of thousand test flights.

If programs like this, Walgreens pilot or it success main stream drone delivery could soon be ready for takeoff. Thanks for reading this article. Peace.

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